5 Most Rewarding Unconventional Careers – You May Dream

There are many people that dream of pursuing a less conventional life. If you are one of those people that want to move away from the regular career choices, you are likely to be a free spirited, confident person that is more interested in internal rewards over making money. If your soul is getting nourished you are happy.


Most of us remember being young and telling our friends or family that we were going to be a famous singer when we get older. For most of us, we stop pursuing this dream and get lost in the more conventional career thoughts of being a lawyer or doctor.

However, the music scene can be an extremely attractive lifestyle. If you have money to chase your dream then this might be your next career move. Late nights, dark bars and lots of experimentation with your music and style is what a lot of musicians experience when they are starting off.

This isn’t a career that you need the best education or the most privileged backgrounds, being able to play music is a talent and that is priceless.  With more and more TV talent shows being made to help people achieve their dream, it has become much easier to actually become a musician these days.

If you have the courage to stand on stage and potentially get ridiculed in front of millions of viewers by mean judges, then you might just have what it takes to become a musician.


If you are thinking of making this unconventional career choice then you might want to weigh up the pros and cons. Even though there are thousands of people that write, from journals to poems, to stories and autobiographies, many of these people see writing as just a hobby.

But if you are one of the lucky ones, and persistent, you might just be able to obtain your dreams. However, to be a successful writer you have to be able to deal with rejection. Most writers get rejected numerous times before actually getting the big deal they were waiting for. But to get to that you must be able to put up with a lot of ‘no’. This is where most writers give up and return to the 9-5 jobs.

To have an unconventional career you must never give up! If your passion is writing, one of the best rewards is actually getting paid for it. Even when you are not selling millions or even thousands, you will be happy to see that people are actually spending their hard earned money on your book. Another perk of being a writer you get to meet some very interesting people. Your lifestyle is going to be quite different than your friend’s office jobs, and that means that your colleagues are going to be other unconventional people.

Do your best to network, meet and learn from other writers, you might even see them at your local coffee shop, so don’t be embarrassed to say hi.


One of the most dreamt of unconventional careers you can think of is being an artist. First of all it’s one of the most difficult to make a living from. Secondly, having an art talent is something that you are born with, it’s extremely difficult to learn. So even if you dream about being an artist, first think about how good your skills are and how you can improve them.

However, though there is a lot of skill involved in being an artist, you can actually become very famous from just being creative. Think about those artists that call ‘rubbish’ their masterpieces. People have paid a lot of money to see a bed covered in junk.If you have the creativity to make something from nothing, you are already on your way to being a top artist.Remember that being an artist can vary from actual painting, to sculptures and even make up artists are all under this career umbrella.

You must have thick skin to take on this unconventional career choice. Artist critiques are the most brutal and forward talking in the business. If you are not prepared to be either ridiculed or laughed at, this might not be the best career move for you.With an art career there are no guarantees. Many of the greatest artists only become known and appreciated only after they had already passed on from this life.

To make sure you are noticed in your lifetime you have to do something original and unique to make people pay attention. Believe in your art and most of all enjoy it.


One of the coolest unconventional career choices to go for is being a disk jockey. DJ’s are people that love to get a crowd moving with their intuitive beats and also enjoy the night life scene, where drinking, smoking and fleshy bodies are the norm.

One of the biggest perks that any DJ would confirm is the attention you get from women will highly increase. When you are the most unreachable person in the place, you become the object of attraction, with both men and women admiring you and doing everything they can to reach you. If you have a partner you must take this into consideration when thinking about going for this career, they may not be too happy with all the numbers you get given.

By being a DJ you get to hear the newest music first. You get access to all the latest tunes, mixes and industry news before anybody else. You can impress your friends, who already think you are the coolest person in the world, by letting them into new albums and singles that most people haven’t heard yet.

Also by having an extensive music knowledge you can probably do very well in pub quizzes or maybe even get that winning question in Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.


This type of unconventional career choice can be applied to many industries. You can find a career in dancing in professional theatres, in circuses and in entertainment bars. If your passion is dancing you have many options to choose from.

One of the main benefits of being a dancer is that you can keep fit at the same time as doing the thing you love. The hours of practice that you have to put in will keep your body extremely fit and make your friends extremely jealous. You have to be prepared for grueling training schedules and when you have shows to lead you will be expected to work all day and night for a week in a row.

If you happen to love the circus life, you can do very well as a dancer. For example Cirque do Soleil gives its employees very attractive salaries and vacation compensations. They even pay for your ticket home and all of your accommodation when you are travelling with the company. You have an amazing opportunity to go to exotic locations and share your talent across cultures.

Men that want a career in dancing can also do very well. As it is less popular with the male gender, you have less competition and more demand. Don’t be put off just because it’s more of a female industry, as a male you would be fought over by many to have you as their dance partner.

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