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How To Reach The Great Heights ?

The young today are constantly looking for career changes. They change jobs like they change clothes. I found that more than nine out of ten youth consider their present job, just a job not as a serious career. Many youth I spoke to cited different reasons for doing what they did not like. Some of the reasons are:

  • To support my family financially.
  • Just to earn a living in the city for the time being.
  • To gain experience for better jobs in the future
  • And the funniest, To fulfil my Girl Friend’s need. 

One thing was common to all of them. Almost everyone said they would quit the job soon as they were in a better position to manage their needs. 

But my question is “ how do you get to that better position”? What do you do about that?

Getting to the heights you wish to reach in your career needs time and efforts. Everything requires a break-even period along with sustained efforts.

If you waste your time doing something you don’t love or something that is not meaningful to you, then how will you reach great heights?

Every time you change a job/career, you waste time. The time you spent in the job is a sheer waste. Every work needs a break-even period to succeed in. So, every time you leave one job or career and start another, logically you increase your break-even time.

I would have been a couple of books old if I had started my career as a writer from the beginning. Know more about me here. The right career is the one you love the most and want to make a life around. Start from here, so that you don’t have to waste years like me.

Let me tell you:

If your main focus is to earn a living, then you’re missing out on leading a purposeful life.

May be the current benefits seem big or important, but it’s even more important to do what you love and fulfil your dream.

Because soon you will be measuring your life based on purpose and happiness and not numbers. When you earn good money by doing what you don’t love, you also deposit regrets. As you grow older, the fixed deposit will earn interest and soon you will be saddled with a big load of regrets.

It’s better to pursue the work you love than live a regretful and unhappy life at a job you don’t love.The more you pursue the work you love, the more exciting your journey is going to be. It’s really easy to pursue what you love than the what you don’t love. 

Don’t fool yourself, do the work you love and want to be around. There might be hundreds of challenges, but if want to fulfil your dream, you’ll find a way.

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