Difference Between Choosing Happiness And Being Chosen By It

Happiness does not happen by chance. It happens by choice. Happiness is not supposed to choose you. You must choose it. But majority of people have been chosen by happiness. They do what they don’t particularly like. Their job has come to them by default. They don’t choose their work. Rather work has chosen them. But this should not be the case with you.

What is the difference between choosing happiness and being chosen by it? It is quite simple actually.

The power of choice is unlimited. Every day we have hundreds upon hundreds of choices. Which choices do you make and which do you let happen? Perhaps you want to buy a dress, you go to the store and you pick the design and color you think will best suit your body type and personality. Would you feel better about the dress if you chose it or if someone else chose it for you? What if every day you let somebody make all your choices for you. Would you be happy? We need free will and autonomy in our lives. We see this desire for self rule time and time again.

As children we accept everything our parents say but at a certain point we yearn to make our own decisions. We crave independence and the ability to choose. Happiness is the same. It is a choice we must make for ourselves, no one else can make it for us. If you are making conscious decision to be happy, you will. Maybe not all at once, but eventually if you wake up every day and think “I will do the work I love today and continue to do the work I love tomorrow” you will be happy.

Don’t compromise when your happiness is at stake. This is your life, take ownership over it and steer yourself in the direction you want to go. Be responsible for your own happiness by choosing actions that make you happy.

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