How To Make Your Mind Works Creatively !

Being creative means becoming best at what you do.

Being creative means producing more at what you do.

Being creative means finding happiness at what you do.

In total, Being creative means succeeding in life.

Now the question is, how to become creative, I mean, how to make your mind works creatively?

And the simple answer is by creating more space in it.

Again, how do you create more space within your mind?

And the answer is by stop adding unnecessary and negative files into it.

But, how do you do that, how can you control over your thoughts?

And the best way is, “Avoiding negative conversations”.

Yes, being human we have a natural urge to talk ill, talk crap about people—about someone’s dress, look, and how you hate someone for his personality.

When you talk crap about someone, you immediately add a file into your mind full of negative thoughts and images. More and more such files means more space block in mind.

But if you want to stop adding such files into your mind then you have to “Avoid negative conversations”.

And to “Avoid negative conversations”, you have to take some personal challenge and practice.

Remember, next time you tempt to say something crap about someone and something, pinch yourself tight, bite your tongue, or put a finger lock on your lips, or some similar stuff that works best for you.

You can think of twisting your ears, or maybe slapping yourself….(haa…haa..haa), kidding. Don’t do that , even if you choose to, do it slow. It’s about reminding yourself not punishing.

You get it, right?

So to recall what we have just discussed,

No Negative Conversations = More Mind Space = More Creativity = Better Performance & Happiness = Success.

Think about it, and let me know what you have to say?

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