Has it ever crossed your mind that choosing the right career path is similar to choosing the right partner? A beautiful, sexy and romantic partner that shares your dreams and ambitions and feels like the best fit for your life… 

The undeniable common denominator of success, whether it is in your marriage or your career, is passion. Following your passion is the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving true success and happiness. 

In this book, What If You Love X and Marry Y? you discover how to overcome fears and obstacles that are in your way and turn your dreams into reality, with actionable advice on: 

– Understanding the importance of choosing a career that’s right for you 

– Managing expectations and understanding what success is 

– Discovering your passion and understanding how to turn your dreams into a viable career path 

– Taking control of your own destiny 

– And much more… 

Written specifically with young adults in mind, What If You Love X and Marry Y? is a complete guide to making sure you get on the right path, while dealing with social or cultural pressures, family or other outside influences. 

So, if you are a young adult, who is trying to build a life and career that is fun, fulfilling, and financially viable, this book is one you simply must read!

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