How not to Motivate your Child?

Avoid the Wrong Approach

What do you say to your child, in order to motivate him/her for study, play, work or career? Don’t you say, you have to be the best or No.1 of what he/she does or wants to become? You give examples of the best or No.1 person of his/her profession/industry, their success story. And why not, there is nothing wrong motivating them this way. (more…)

How Indian Parents Choose Career for their Children?

Benefits vs. Reasons

I bet, you ask any child that why he/she wants to do or need something, he/she’ll never count you with benefits, but definitely cite with reason(s). That’s because, every child born with a reason. But we the parents confuse them, replacing it with benefit(s). I’m here referring benefit as financial benefit(both direct and indirect).