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  • Systematic(step-by-step) process using practical methods
  • Advanced Assessment Tests(written) using practical questions based on research.
  • 100% Accurate Assessment Report because it’s all human and no computer-generated report. We believe only a human can learn one’s past and emotions, and what is going in his mind and suggest accordingly.
Online tests like psychometric tests, and the same types of tests and questions for all levels. An online test report is a big question mark because the software can’t read human emotions and hence can’t understand one’s struggles in life and suggest.   




  • Researched based, unique 3 levels of career counselling programs that meet every need.
  • Our exclusive Career Designing program automates your success. You’ll able to create an exact (step-by-step) roadmap to succeed in any career. We are the only of its kind in India.
  • Comprehensive counselling program with complete Life-skills coaching that makes you absolutely future-ready.

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  • A clear motive to bring clarity in life, showing you a clear path, so we’re dedicated to career counselling only. Our mission is to create more and more success stories.

( 1 Year Access )

Most of them are Overseas Admission Counsellors,  and their main motive is to send students abroad. They focus on driving students for courses and colleges they represent than counselling them on what is right for them.

( 1 Year Access )







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