Finding The Right Career Path!

4 Questions To Ask!

The choice of our career determines how we will lead a large part of our existence. A career that truly suits us exploits all our potential and challenges us to give the best of ourselves. This can produce all the difference in our quality of life.

It is encouraging to know that efforts to give our personality to the career we choose are not new.

How easy it would be to choose one’s career if there was an infallible recipe! Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method for making a choice of career. Nor is it possible to predict the future with confidence.

When it comes to making a decision and planning, it is better to prepare and learn, rather than leave it to chance.

Some practices can help you make the best choice possible. Guidance counselors are the experts in decision-making and career choice making and can accompany you in this process of choosing the right career path.

Questions to ask:

1. Are You Attracted To This Career?

Just as a cat is attracted to mice, and a hawk to birds, each of us has a disposition and an attraction for a particular craft. What is that for you?

2. Does It Match Your Potential?

A bird that captures fish has a long beak and elongated thighs. A lion, who puts into pieces animals for his food, has powerful teeth and claws. Similarly, our physiology and character are more suited to a certain type of work than to others.

3. Are You Willing To Invest?

Each career chosen has its own obstacles to overcome, that is the price to pay before being practiced. Medicine requires many years of study. Sport at a professional level requires years of serious training. When considering different options, ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price it takes.

4. Do You Have An Interest In This Occupation? 

Passion may not always be there, but for you to enjoy your work, this level of vitality and concentration must be present at least part of the time.

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