How To Decrease Stress And Increase Performance !

We all live stressful lives. No kidding, right? It may sound generic, but this statement is not only true, but also something that should be taken very seriously, because it can severely impact everything we do in life, from our everyday tasks to long-term plans and job performance.

Stress and tension that our workplace can create, especially if we have a high-pressure, demanding job, can impact both our physical and mental health, and eventually lead to increased irritability and decreased ability to focus, leading to the decrease in job performance, and maybe even damaging our career. For someone aiming to lead a successful life, these consequences are devastating.

So how do we decrease stress and tension and increase our chances to work well and be good at what we do? Is there a recipe for better performance? The answer is simple: have fun while you work. That’s right, fun and laughter are the cure for all ills. And if you’ve been told that having fun in the workplace is strictly forbidden and that it will make it look like you’re dodging responsibilities and doing nothing, we’re not surprised.

But we’re not talking about having fun or joking around with your co-workers. We’re talking about the inner fun and happiness. We’re talking about finding self-motivation— enjoying your work and at the same time being determined to complete your task and reach your goal. And for that, there is one recipe—finding a job that you really love and are passionate about. That’s when you’ll take your work more seriously than yourself, enjoying it and maintaining a inner fun all at the same time. And that’s the secret sauce for success.

So, we’re not backing up. Here’s why having fun while you work is actually a good strategy that all of us need to embrace.

If we have fun while we’re doing something, if we are able to enjoy it, we will be more motivated to put in extra effort and do our job well, and the success we achieve will be more rewarding. There’s nothing worse than doing something boring or difficult that we thoroughly despise, something that is such a drag for us that we don’t even feel happy when it’s done, because we just want it to be over. What’s more, if we have fun at work we’ll be less stressed, and less stress will help us perform better and live a happier, more relaxed life.

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