Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

You can spend a lot of money showing someone how grateful that you are for what they have done for you, but many times it is the simplest gestures that stand out the most.

If you see someone without a smile, give them yours! Smiling is the surest way to let people know that you truly appreciate what they’ve done and that they’ve made your life better somehow. Even when you don’t particularly want to, will make you happier.If someone is doing a job for you, even if you’re their supervisor at work, show respect for their time. Be prompt, and make sure all necessary supplies they need to complete the task. If they can get started right away, they probably won’t need to stay late and cut into their personal time later.

Don’t just thank someone for what they’ve done for you; let them know exactly how much they rock. Pay them a compliment. This one might be obvious, but when giving someone thanks, take a moment to slow it down and be real. This is especially true for someone you normally joke around with all the time because the change in tone will let them know you absolutely mean it.

If someone helps you with a renovation project, be available to them when they begin theirs. If they cooked you dinner, help pick up dishes afterward. You can even do this one at a restaurant by arranging dishes in a way that makes it easier for them to be taken away from the table.

Saying “thanks” is great, but if you really want to show your appreciation.

If you have a friend who got you through a really difficult time or you want to acknowledge a special family member who did a fantastic job raising you, spend some time with them. They obviously love you, and sharing that time together will be an incredible gift.