How Indian Parents Choose Career for their Child ?

Benefits vs Reasons

I bet, you ask any child that why he/she wants to do or need something, he/she’ll never count you with benefits, but definitely cite with reason(s). That’s because, every child born with a reason. But we the parents confuse them, replacing it with benefit(s). I’m here referring benefit as financial benefit(both direct and indirect).

The Benefits vs. Reasons:

At very early stage of life, we teach our child how to look at things. What are the benefits of doing or having something, which leads later our young remain hungry and dissatisfied in career and life. Because there is no end or limit to benefits, they would always want more and better.

This realization came to me on my recent visit to a dentist, whom I met once at my son’s football academy. His son Dhruv(15) arrived and said hello to me. Our conversation reached a point where I came to know, Dhruv who joined football last month left Sehwag Cricket Academy, where he had been coached last 2 years and shown some remarkable performances.

Answering my question, what do you like most, he answered “Cricket” curiously. But, then why are you playing football? Because, Papa wants me to. Playing it little tricky I said, but you play good football, as I have seen you. I know, but I love cricket.

As we both turned to Mr. Dentist. He smiled and cited a list of benefits, why he wants Dhruv to be a footballer than cricketer.

  1. Because, football now picking in india. After 2 successful years of ISL, more such leagues to come soon. That means more platforms for footballers.
  2. Because, the chances are more to get into the indian team as not much people play football in india.
  3. Because, cricket is crowded now, almost every child wants to be a Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli these days. But there are few, who dreams of Baichung Bhutia or Sunil Chhetri. The competition is huge in cricket.
  4. Because, Cricket in India is pure political and glamorous. You may need enough jack to get into the team even if you play excellent cricket.
  5. Because, every game has a fever (time) in india, and it’s the turn of football now a days.

And many such “Benefits” against Dhruv’s one “Reason”, “I love cricket”.

I want to ask you here,

  • Is this the right way? I mean do you think “Benefits” wins over the “Reasons” ?
  • Do you think one small reason like “I Love Cricket” has more power to lead Dhruv to become a successful cricketer?  or
  • He needs to look at the future in his father’s eye, with full of opportunities and “ Benefits” ?

Your comments are valuable as it may helps him to re-think.

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