4 Cheat Codes of the YouTube Superwoman!

I’m reading Lilly Singh’s book, How To Be A BAWSE. Lilly Singh, the Canadian actress, comedian and the Superwoman of YouTube having over a billion of viewers and a million of subscribers.

I came across a chapter of her, where she talks about finding CHEAT CODE(S)  that helps controlling thoughts. Why I’m curious to talk about it now, because It’s bit similar to mine. In my upcoming book “ What if You Love X and Marry Y? ” I talk about being adaptable, looking at things in different perspectives to find positivity in your thought that further lead to success.

According to Lilly, she had lots of negative and hurtful comments(really hurtful) when she started putting videos on youtube. People would say just anything being anonymous— a pak, she should get cancer and die ,I wish someone should shoots her, a stupid dumb getting famous only because of being hot. These kind of comments would bring down anyone, she may had to put down her camera. But she did exact opposite. She analyzed the comments and discovered the CHEAT CODES hidden within them. The cheat codes which she used as mental weapons to conquer her negative thoughts and win over the time.

Here are those cheat codes you can glance at and maybe think of using in your life too.


“ Maybe they’re having a bad day.”

People do or say hurtful things to you, there’s a chance they may actually be upset about something else in their life.


“ Should other opinions impact what you think about yourself? ”

Sometimes when you hear other opinions you’ll fell pressured to change your own. Before you enter into situations in which you will be confronted with a lot of opinions, make sure you strongly believe your own.


“ I don’t want to stop making videos, because they make me happy.”

Your happiness is stronger than fear. You can continue battling fear as long as your work make you happy.


“ Maybe I should reply to them.”

Recognize that replying was suggesting to make you feel better. Understand this impulse and catch it before you act on it. Make yourself feel better in a more constructive way.

These are the cheat codes she discovered while dealing with YouTube comments which she uses in so many ares of her life. Like her we all can discover our own CHEAT CODE(S) from our own experiences and apply them in our life to get positive results. So, it’s time to discover your own.

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