How not to Motivate your Child?

Avoid the Wrong Approach

What do you say to your child, in order to motivate him/her for study, play, work or career? Don’t you say, you have to be the best or No.1 of what he/she does or wants to become? You give examples of the best or No.1 person of his/her profession/industry, their success story. And why not, there is nothing wrong motivating them this way.

But this can be slightly harmful, if you’re encouraging your child to follow others, their style, how they do things. And if you’re citing enough examples, like the kind of money they make, the facilities they get. Let me explain it to you with my own experience.

  • Instead of telling my son(11)to focus on and develop your own style and enjoy football to your fullest, I would always encourage him to follow the worlds best footballers. Like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, how they plays, their style of kick and shoot selections etc.
  • Instead of motivating him saying, you’re the best, you’re the No.1 of your own style, I would agree with him, when he admire Cristiano Ronaldo as the best footballer in the world.
  • Instead of motivating him, it’s really not matter how much you earn as long as you do what you love, I would discuss the annual earnings, cars, houses etc. that the world’s best footballers has.

We would google top footballers in the world and discuss about their Income per annum, and what all they have.

But this realisation came to me a couple months back, when I found him fantasying the high end cars that has been used by the top footballers. To my notice, he would focus more on what studs and jersey to wear, which hair style to have than the game. In short, he distracted from his game and would complain about his existing stuffs and demand the new.

Since then, I have  been posed my pitch. Though we discuss everything like always, but I no more motivate him as I do before. I tell him,

  • The best style in the world is the style that comes naturally to you. Everyone has their own style and so as you. Follow it, develop it, let’s others follows you.
  • Admire him as your favourite footballer, but don’t try to become Cristiano Ronaldo, become Ayush Biswanath Sahoo, better than anyone.
  • There is nothing more valuable than your passion. You don’t play football for money, but because you love it. Just enjoy your game.

What do you think, isn’t it the right way to motivate your children? Or you have any better idea? Please share it, as it may help others.

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