10 Questions To Track Your Happiness

Tracking your happiness can be very easy. And there is no other way than self questioning and being honest to the answers. You may say, I’m absolutely happy, but my advice to you: Don’t be so sure. You must check in order to confirm. Here are the ten simple questions that will help you track your happiness. I would suggest a best way here by: rating yourself (from 1-10) on every question.

  1. Am I happy and proud of what I am or plan to be?  Ans _____(1-10)
  2. Am I really enjoying what I am doing? Ans ______(1-10)
  3. Am I fulfilling my purpose of being here in this world? Ans ______(1-10)
  4. Is my work/education making a difference in my life, towards a greater purpose? Ans ______(1-10)
  5. Am I working towards my dreams? Ans ______(1-10)
  6. Will what I am doing now take me to where I want to be? Ans ______(1-10)
  7. Do I feel healthy, both physically and mentally? Ans ______(1-10)
  8. Do I get enough time and motivation to keep myself fit and healthy? Ans ______(1-10)
  9. Do I care about my emotions? Do I really care about what I really care for? Ans ______(1-10)
  10. What kind of precious memories am I building for the future? Ans ______(1-10)

And everything above that you have just answered and rated yourself reveals, how you have been taking care of your dreams and desires. If you haven’t rated all or most of the above with full mark (i.e 10), then there is a chance that you may have not been working toward your greater purpose and happiness? And you may need to think about it and take some meaningful steps. What do you say?

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