Love What You Do Explained

The difference between love what you do and do what you love is that the latter is often unrealistic, not in demand and comprised of decisions made with emotions.

To distill it down even further, loving what you do means that you’ve developed an expertise that is in demand, where people are willing to pay for what you do. Loving what you do means being compensated for your expertise, and demanding 10 and even 100 times that amount.

Beyond the obvious reason of why it’s important to be paid to follow your passion, is that it allows you to sustain your message.

Sustaining your message is everything when it comes to loving what you do. It takes at least three, and most often five years to gain recognition and mastery in your industry. Without a doubt, unexpected obstacles will come your way, and sometimes pure passion isn’t enough to sustain it.

By being paid for your work, you not only allow clients to value your work more, but it gives you room to make mistakes, time to master your passion, and develop a solid portfolio of testimonials and clients.

Now the most frequent question people ask is: How do I know what I’m passionate about? The method that has worked best for me is to take out a pen and a blank piece of paper. Then think about the topics and activities you enjoy doing for fun in your spare time.

By following your efforts and thinking back on the activities you have already been doing, it’s easier to identify what your passions are.

I’ve found that starting with something you’re passionate about that people will pay you for works best. Because you’re not an expert yet, chances are that you won’t be paid a lot of money for it.

However, being paid to do what you love will allow you to sustain your path. If you are truly passionate about it, then you’ll be spending 14 hours a day crafting, experimenting, and improving the skills that will eventually make you a master at it.

Look at the long-term goal for your vision, and don’t be discouraged by the lack of pay or progress you will inevitably experience initially. If you truly love what you do, the destination whether that’s recognition, fame, wealth becomes the cherry on top of your journey to a fulfilling life.

Following your passion needs to stop being associated with starving artist or the entrepreneur living in the basement.

Love what you do, make your millions, and change the millions of lives around you.


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