My Letter to a Young-Corporate-Employee who extremely anxious and stressed due to Job Insecurity

Life Or life-style?

Raghav, 28, a software engineer recently wrote to me.

He said:

I have been continuously threaten by my boss, that he’ll fire me if I don’t meet the target. I’m working 18 hours a day through weekends. I’m newly married, my wife is continuously complaining and fighting. I’m extremely scared of this job-insecurity and often tensed so high. I’m not able to produce the best results. Things are getting worse day-by-day.

I’m completely stressed, what will happen if I loose the job? My house rent, car EMI and others.  Should I start my own Start-up which I’m thinking and planning since long? I mean is this the right time, how can I manage to?


I said:

Dear Raghav,

Firstly, don’t tense, the solution is very simple and in your hands only. And by the way, you’re not the first or only person, there are hundreds and thousands of corporate employees in the same boat. They’re not able to draw a line between their work and personal life.

But you don’t worry, you’re going to achieve what you want to. Here are the two simple steps.


First and the instant one. Talk to your boss about your mental condition. Tell him how his pressure impacting your productivity. How your personal life hampering. Tell him about your stress and anxiety over job-insecurity. Tell him openly that you need a healthy mental attitude to perform better. Hope he’ll understand and will grant you a better atmosphere. If he doesn’t, at least you’ll be relaxed narrating  your conditions to him. But remember, this is temporary. You need to look for a permanent solution.


Second, the permanent route,

Start laying the foundation of your “Start-up”, immediately, side-by-side. Yes, the time is always right for doing what you love. But you need to build a financial independence to achieve what you want. You need to re-think about your relationship with money.

To manage your career effectively, you need to manage your personal finances. If your finances are in good shape, you likely to make career decisions based on what is really important and meaningful to you. If you leave your job tomorrow, do you have sufficient  savings or resources to tide you over  until you start earning from your start-up? You may need a financial planner or need to plan yourself.

If you want to hear from me, You should learn about the widely known “Voluntary Simplicity” or Simplicity, where you need to actively decide to pursue a life outside the continual invectives of Buy, Spend, Consume”. You need to evaluate your purchases and possesses.

Ask yourself: What do I really need?

Do I really need this big house?

Do I really need this new car?

Do this really important to go for shopping and dine out every weekend?

Does all the stuff I buy contribute to my family’s happiness, and if not, could I give up buying it?

You need to re-evaluate how you are living. There are some simple steps you can take to bring your personal finances in control and your life into greater harmony with your most important values.

Remember, It’s really important to have a life than a life-style. 

Hope this helps, do let me know, if you want to know something else. And also write me back, when you progress with this changes. All the best for your “Start-up”.

With love,


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