My Letter to a young – How to deal with Obstacles.

How I used Obstacles as Opportunities?

Rajat, who wrote to me recently complains that he always come across an obstacle trying to do something good.

I said,

Dear Rajat,

Firstly, change your mind, look at them as opportunities instead. Yes, you actually don’t face obstacles, you always given an opportunity to learn, start new and do better. Opportunities are always around, all you need to look for them.

An obstacle is an opportunity to change grow learn reflect on ourselves.

An obstacle, a place where we discover who we are really and a new way that we couldn’t have imagined before.

An obstacle teach us how to be patience and accept or adopt.

And obstacle a point of new start and hope.

Here are the opportunities I got against obstacles and learn new things and become better.

  • When I lost in Delhi being a first timer I got someone to help me and who became my best buddy later.
  • When It was 12 night and I was badly hungry with no money in my pocket as my landlord thrown me out of the house upon non payment of the rent, a restaurant owner offered me food and job at his restaurant along with a place to stay.
  • After leaving the banking industry, I learned how to raise my family better even with much less money.
  • As my children don’t let me write in the day, so I developed a habit of writing in the night after they go to bed and I produce more and better than I do in daytime.
  • When publishers send me rejections I learned to improve.
  • “Obstacle is are the open doors to Opportunities”

So the next time when you face a crisis, don’t disappoint, look around, there might be tens if not hundreds of new ways and opportunities ready in your welcome.

Hope that helps. Let me know anything particular you need to address, so that I can help you.

All the best.

With Love,


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