My letter to all who always Try to Do something but Fail.

Difference Between Trying and Doing

You CAN or CAN’T. There is no Try. These are the phrases I grown up with in the initial days of my career, while working for Timeshare Industry.

In the first day at office, I asked by the manager who was taking a pre-presentation meeting, will you get a sale today? I’ll TRY, this is what I replied. The manager asked me, “TRY TO PICK UP THE CHAIR” I was sitting in. I picked it up. No,no, I said “ Try to pick it up”, he said. I confused.

He reiterated, I said “Try to pick it up”. Again I picked it up. No, you picked up the chair. I asked you to try and pick it up, he said. I stood confused. He said, either you can pick it up or you can’t pick it up, there is nothing called Try.

The point here is when we say we are trying we don’t really have to do anything and more correctly  we don’t do anything. It enables us providing a solid excuse, why we didn’t achieve what we wanted to.

Do you understand the difference between the two, “Doing and Trying” ? You either do something or don’t do it. But trying is nothing, but the same as not doing it. It just makes easier for us to save ourselves from disappointments when we fail.

What are you trying to improve?

  • Are you trying to improve your relationship, your marriage or are you improving it.
  • Are you trying to get in shape or are you getting in shape.
  • Are you trying to work more or are you working more.
  • Are you trying to learn driving or you are driving.

This is not a small differentiation, but a big complication.

If you’re part this business then it’s time to stop trying and just do it. Two ways to do this.

Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. It’s a valueless word that gets you nothing. It only makes you feel better when you fail.

Decide now either to do or not do. If you don’t want to do something. Don’t do it. But don’t pretend that trying is the same as doing. They are completely two different poses, two different attitudes.

Change your attitude by changing your word.

Hope this helps.


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