It has seen time and time again: people are passionate, talented, energetic, and completely unsure what they want to do with their lives. After 10th or 12th, students have some big decisions to make. They are often misguided by others. Do they follow their passion, or follow society’s idea of success? It’s hard to choose the right-career-path if you don’t know your passion and potentials.

Being the only methodological career counselor and coach of India, Avinash approach these issues and more at the root level. He helps students dive deep into themselves and discover the hidden gems that can help them build a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

He says,

“If you want to find out who you’ll be, figure out who you are”.


We teach “how to choose and design your right-career-path”. We build you a future based on your passion, potentials and individual ideas of success! 


Course Name:  Career Planning Masterclass(CPM)

Duration: 1 Week

Mode of Teaching: Classroom / Online.

Centre: Avinash Sahoo Institute of Career Planning & Development, 3rd Floor, Saira Tower, Gulmohar Commercial Complex, Near Green Park Metro(Gate-2), New Delhi-110049

Deliverables: Course & Study Materials, Videos, One-On-One Session, FAQs, Issues Addressing, Personal Counselling, Q&A etc.


We teach this course in 2 steps / 2 semesters.

Step 1 / Semester 1: How to Choose your Career

You’ll be able to learn about yourself. Who you are and what you want in life. You’ll learn to discover your passion and choose the right career accordingly. Some of the things we’ll cover in this step/semester are:

  • Why Passion is so important in launching your Career ?
  • How to Discover your Most-Profitable-Passion?
  • How to Discover your Potentials(Natural Talents, Strengths, Personality & Character)?
  • How to Discover your Life Values & Beliefs?
  • How to connect your Passion rightly with your Potentials towards choosing the Right & Most-Profitable-Career ever?
  • How to connect your Passion & Potentials rightly with your Life-Values & Beliefs for a Life-long Success & Happiness?
  • Even after discovering your right passion in the right field, you can be still in the wrong career. You will learn how to avoid this.
  • How to reveal now, who you’ll become in the Future?
  • How to shape your Future based on what you want Today?
  • How your childhood holds the hidden gems of your future success?
  • How many voices are talking to you and which voice you should listen that can guide you through a rewarding career?
  • …and way more!

Step 2 / Semester 2 : How to Design your Career

Have you ever thought:

  • Why someone is so motivated and energetic and taking constant actions in his career and achieving milestones, where others are just confused and directionless?
  • Why someone so optimistic about his dream and others just hopeless?

And the answer is:

  • He/she has Automated his Career and others don’t.
  • He/she has the exact Road-Map, the step-by-step Action-Plan and others don’t.
  • He/she knows what to do next, when and how and others don’t.

In short he has Designed his Career and others don’t.

Finding your right-career-path is half the work, and the other half is to design it in a way that automates your success. 

In this step/semester, you’ll be able to create the exact ROAD-MAP, the step-by-step ACTION-PLAN of your future based on your chosen career, so that there will be NO-LOOK-BACK later. Some of the things we’ll cover in this step/semester are:

  • How to organize your dreams and goals that’s let you take action. How to split your big goals into small and mid-terms, so that you can achieve it easily and timely.
  • How to create your “CAREER NEED LISTS” – gathering and organising things that you need achieving your goals easily.
  • How to take “PERSONAL CAREER TOUR” that helps explore through your career opportunities, research through your competitions, and gathering knowledge and inspirations.
  • How to create the most important thing, “YOUR CAREER STORY-BOARD” the ultimate roadmap that helps achieving all your goals in life easily.
  • How to create your “CAREER ACTION CALENDAR”, so that you know exactly, what to do today, next week, next month, and next year and how.
  • How to stay motivated and productive everyday. How to motivate yourself anytime you want using “CAREER POWER TOOLS”
  • How to deal with obstacles and fears? How to break through procrastinations and mental blocks and take action toward your goals.
  • How to to schedule your success by making your “CAREER APPOINTMENTS”!

When you Design your Career:

  • You see a clear path, a road map from where you are to where you want to reach. A step-by-step process to get you there, where you want to be.
  • You know your goals (small, mid term and big) and what action(s) you need to take to achieve them and when.
  • You able to maintain a momentum in your journey as you always know your next step. You never stuck.
  • You’re able to focus on one thing at a time as per the schedule and never distracted. Your visions are clear.
  • You would maintain a mental peace and become fulfilled as you enjoy every step of your journey.
  • You add beauty and perfection into your life and career.
  • You develop an attitude that attracts achievements and success, like all the winners in the world.
  • You have become certain and accurate about the outcomes(success) and able to gauge it even before.

People who don’t Designing their Career:

  • They try to construct another Eiffel Tower without an architectural design and engineering plan.
  • They jump into amazon without knowing how to swim?


  • Contains proven steps and strategies that will spark your mind and allows you to see your purpose more clearly than before.
  • Helps you speak your heart and uncover your inner powers to choose & design the best career of your dream.
  • Uses a variety of tools, exercises and activities to help you identify your career goals, and how to take action toward achieving them.
  • Is your very best your organiser in success, helps organising your goals such a way that guarantee the outcomes.
  • This is an unique and only course of it’s type on career counselling that offer so many unique and exciting features like taking your “PERSONAL CAREER TOUR”, creating “CAREER NEED LISTS”, “CAREER STORY BOARD”, “CAREER ACTION CALENDAR”,“CAREER POWER TOOLS”, “CAREER APPOINTMENTS” and more.


Everything in this course is rooted from Avinash’s personal experiences,  and based on his years of continuous research on the subject of fulfilling careers.

These are practical methods he developed by interviewing hundreds of young people about their futures and levels of purpose and passion. The methods outlined in the course has been used by many students and young professionals successfully.

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