How Many Dreams & Desires Do You Have And How To Achieve Them All ?

We are all hodgepodges of dreams, ideas, and desires. We walk around with thoughts bubbling in our heads and interests at our fingertips pulling us in every which way. The challenge comes in picking one idea to pursue. Perhaps it even feels as if by pursuing one interest you are neglecting other parts of yourself.

When I first decided to restart my career, I had too many activities on my plate. There were ideas of writing a book, promoting campaigns, writing, directing and producing a reality web series, as well as writing motivational songs. I was all over the place trying to pursue all the ideas that popped up in my head.

I soon realized that while having a list of projects is totally fine, pursuing one with my nose to the ground was the only way towards success. You have to choose a singular starting point and move from there.

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