The Hidden Dangers of Online Career Test


Do You rely on online career test? Many people do, thinking that the illustration will satisfy their every desire. However, online career tests cannot always give you the best answer. Here are the 5 facts:

1. They Generate Ideas, Not a Blueprint

Career tests do not give you all the answers.  They are one piece to the puzzle.  They take a generic set of data and use algorithms to match your answers to possible career choices.  This makes them idea generators and not blueprints to finding the right career.

2. They Cannot Learn About You

Online career tests do not take into account human factors.  They cannot learn about your past and how that shapes and drives you.  They cannot see hidden tendencies and patterns that may fit well with one career option and not another.  Simply put, online career tests are not human and cannot read you in the three-dimensional way needed for such a big decision.

3. The Accuracy Is a Question Mark (?) 

Career aptitude tests are not always accurate.  Like any software, they have flaws and can provide inaccurate information.  Relying on inaccurate information from a career test can be a waste of time and money.

4. Not All the Answers Lie Within 

Online career tests do not provide you with all the answers you need.  They may tell you what career may be right.  They may address your personality and preferred management style.  But they cannot tell you if a specific company in a specific city would fit your needs.

5. Change Happens

Career tests are not predictors of the future.  They cannot measure how your life will grow and change.  They cannot predict, for example, if you will get married or have a child.  Therefore, they can often be misleading when giving information that may not be adaptable as your ideas and life changes.

Searching for a career is never easy, especially because there are over 12,000 job titles!  It takes time to analyse your skills, wants, and needs and match them with a viable career choice.  And that’s just the start.  Beyond choosing your career, you will have to research the field as well as what openings exist.  This time-consuming process is important because it sets up the rest of your life: where you work, live, and how you may retire.

You may be reading this while looking for your first job out of school/college, or perhaps you are changing careers.  Maybe you want to get back into a career that you have been thinking for a while — that’s exciting and you think you have all the talents. Whatever your reason, my suggestion to you:

Don’t get sucked into the digital world of online career tests and believe that a single test will give you all the answers you need to determine such an important decision that will affect you forever.  You are human, and only you can know what goes on inside your mind.  No computer test can extract the tangible factors of your personality, life experience, and struggles and spit out the perfect answer.  Only you can assess yourself.  And my book What if You Love X and Marry Y? — “A Young Adult’s Guide on Overcoming Fear, Finding Passion, and Choosing a Career Like a Right Life-Partner!” can help you come up with a blueprint for finding the right career.

In it I offer practical methods to help you with your career search journey.  You will learn how to discover your passion, identify your talents, and build on them.  It will show you real-life examples of how the blueprint helped others and help you build self-esteem so the process does not drag you down and cause undue stress and depression.  This book holds your hand and walks you through the career search process in a way no online test can. Buy the book and get started finding the career that will set you for life today. Every day you wait is a day someone else beats you to your life’s calling.

Talk to an expert career counsellor & coach, and find your right career following a practical method.

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