What is the Biggest Decision of your Life?

Realise Now Or Regret Later!

Many people think the biggest decisions of their life include choices of house or car. You tell me what you think is the biggest decision of your life?

I don’t think you’re finding it hard to come up with the answer.


Yes, there’s no bigger decision in life than choosing your career. If you are right in your choice of work, there is a very high probability that you will be right in all other decisions in life. If you are on the right career path, other things automatically fall in place. And if you are not happy with your work, then other decisions too eventually seem wrong. It’s hard to be happy in other aspects of life if you are not satisfied with your work.

Believe me, not choosing the right career can be the single biggest mistake of your life.  It’s a slow poison, that will slowly ruins your happiness. If you don’t realize it now, you will definitely regret later. It’s a self planted time bomb. The day is not far when your mind bursts with regretful questions.

  • Is this the life I dreamt of?
  • Is this what I wanted to do?
  • Is this the purpose I’m here for?
  • Am I going to live like this forever?

Will I ever be able to fulfil my dreams and desires?
Your whole life relies on this one choice that you make. Never invest your time in a work that is not meant for you, as it will result in a net loss on your future balance sheet. Invest your time in the right career—this will not only generate huge profits, but also ensure a lifelong pension of happiness and satisfaction. Think about it.


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