Your Expectation vs. Availability !

I bet I know exactly where you are right now. Maybe you have recently completed 12th grade, and are looking for someone who can guide you into the next phase of your life. Yes, someone who can guide you in the right career path. On the other hand, you might be at a point in life where you already have a job that you don’t enjoy and you are asking what is the right job for me. And you think if someone can help you guide through this. And this post will differentiate, what should you expectations while taking a career counseling and what is actually there —Your expectation vs. availability. So, let’s find out…

What is Career Counselling?

The term counselling means getting professional assistance, and guidance; so you can get one step closer to your end goal.

Who is Career Counselor?

A counselor is a professionally trained individual, who is an expert on helping you pick the right career path. This assessment is made after the counselor has made himself aware about your interests, and potentials.

What should you expect from A Career Counselor?

A career counselor possesses the ability to help you dig deep, and help you realise what you want from life. So they can help push you in the right direction. He/she can guide you in the process, suggesting you with the right books, courses available. The best part about a career counselor is that they can help you understand your emotions, and the psychology behind what drives you. So you can uncover what really helps you get out of bed each morning with full of excitement.

What is there?

But unfortunately, the Indian Career Counselor’s work is based on the same concepts that are followed in abroad(USA, UK etc.). A majority of them simply rely on online tools. So they can offer you guidance based on the results based on an algorithm not like real human. They are pushing individuals in a certain course or tests that have endorsed them. There are overseas educational consultants, who often act as a career counselor, and would mislead students into courses they are representing as a commission agent in india.I discovered this interviewing youth while researching for my book “what if you love x and marry y?” . And this is the worst part of career counseling in india, which is impacting on the lives of our young.

In My Suggestion

You can be the best career counselor of yours if you are ready to consider self-assessment. After all no body knows you better than you know yourself.

So before you go in for a career counseling session in India, I suggest you read these posts. These are the posts I created aiming to save your hours of time and hard earn money.

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Have you ever taken any career counseling in india, what was your experience? Your comments  here may help others.

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