• Written 6 books & 32 courses on career passion and success.
  • Worked with top corporates, schools & universities and conducted 100+ career workshops.
  • Helped 250k+ people choosing their right career, course and job.
  • Helped hundreds of youth suffering from mental & emotional issues, winning-back their lost confidence & self-esteem.
  • Invented first ever career & lifestyle designing formula that help succeeding in any career & achieve life-goals.

Counselling Program:

For High School (8th-12th)

  • Navigate the complexities of the digital age.
  • Overcome digital distractions and peer pressure.
  • Streamline stream and subject selection.
  • Make confident career decisions.
  • Develop practical skills for success.
  • Manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges
  • Find balance in a fast-paced world.

For Graduates

  • Navigate the complex world of career advancement.
  • Strategise for promotions and new opportunities.
  • Make informed choices about pursuing higher education.
  • Select the right courses and institutions for your goals.
  • Achieve personal and professional fulfilment.
  • Manage work-life balance and well-being effectively.

For Working Professionals

  • Explore opportunities for career change and growth.
  • Chart a path towards your dream job or industry.
  • Tackle self-doubt, stress, and burnout head-on.
  • Gain confidence and resilience in a competitive world.
  • Enhance personal growth and leadership skills.
  • Master essential skills for career success.

Other Counselling

Career counselling is not always limited to suggesting options. Being a life coach he goes beyond helping people with other aspects of life - overcoming social personal, mental and emotional issues, regaining lost confidence & self-esteem, and much more. He is a rare combo.

A program that help brings instant changes in family. Restore parents and teenagers/young adults relationships, resolve conflicts, rebuild trust, resume communication and establish a plan. Get lasting solutions to all your problems.
1 in 3 students who reported feeling depressed to the point where it negatively impacted their ability to function. Mental illness is a BIG issue today and we don't learn about these in school or college. Let us know your child's emotional, social, personal or interpersonal problems and solve them effectively.
A coaching method that inspires change. Focus on one's present & future success. Get practical solutions to your problems. Regain lost confidence and self-esteem, overcome stress and personal issues. See yourself in a whole new way, find your life's purpose, realise your potentials and grow personally and professionally.
A long-term program that helps building your future. Guiding through all aspects of life and career. Working along side, holding hands and walk you through the path to success. A comprehensive program that covers everything.
Why Avinash Sahoo

Here is how you can differentiate
AS from the rest


Practical Method

Unlike all other career counsellors in India Avinash believes in human interaction. He will listen to you deeply, test you practically (verbal & written), and assess you thoroughly.


High Standard Report

Every report is unique made by Avinash himself after a through assessment. One can use this as a regular motivation and guidance.


Balance Expectations

His counselling is based on latest findings on career. He balances both traditional & digital age career expectations.


More Than Career Counsellor

He is more than just a career counsellor, he is a life coach. He helps not only on your career but also on your mental and personal development.


Exclusive Career Designing

Succeed in any career with his career designing formula. A sure-success plan from where you are to where you want to reach.


Exclusive Life-Style Designing

Achieve all your life goals with his life-style designing formula. A plan to live the life you always dreamt of along with your career and achieve milestones.

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