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About me

I’m an Expert Career Counsellor & Coach, and an Author. I write in the domain of career passion & success. My expertise on the subject of fulfilling careers earned me many titles such as; Passion Promoter & Career Designer in India. I teach students how to choose & design their career. I help them dive deep into themselves and discover the hidden gems that can help them build a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

Before writing the book, I interviewed hundreds of young people about their purpose & passion in life and I understand their most negative emotions about the subject. I teach the secret of finding fulfilling careers.

15Years Experience
20000Students Across
12Written Books, e-Books & Courses
250Self Articles & Videos

Why Career Planning?

How it helps?

Discovering Real You

It starts with you. You discover who you are and what you want that make all the difference in choosing the right career for yourself.

Using Full Potentials

Learn to connect your talents & strengths with your passion towards creating the most rewarding career.

Succeeding in Life

Learn to overcome fears & obstacles, stay motivated and take action towards your dream.

Finding Balance

Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

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“Just like you can’t maintain a romantic relationship without love, you can’t keep a career alive without passion.”

– Avinash Sahoo