Avinash Sahoo is an Expert Career Counsellor, Coach, and Author. He writes and speaks in the domain of career passion and success. His expertise on the subject earned him titles such as; Youth Passion Advocate and Career Designer in India. He teaches students how to discover their passion and potentials. How to choose and design their career to automate their success. He helps youth dive deep into themselves and discovers the hidden gems that can help them build a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

He is the only career counsellor in India who uses self-invented practical methods. His counselling programs are unique developed after years of research and interviewing hundreds of young people about their purpose and passion in life and understanding their most negative emotions about the subject. He teaches the secret of choosing the most rewarding career, connecting your passion with potentials.

Some of the lines he always quote to students are:

“ Career without passion is curry without salt.” 

“ Success has no standard definition, you have to write your own.” 

“ If you want to find out who-you’ll-be, figure out who-you-are.”

The time spent doing what you don’t love is time you wasted the work you love.” 


Students write in and refer to him as their mentor, and he is also very intensive about the role. He enjoys working with young adults and motivating them to follow their dreams. He truly believes that every person can tap into their wildest hopes and aspirations and live the dreams they’ve always wanted.

After having a lucrative career in banking, he fells into depression, spurred by a lack of fulfilment. But his life changed when he rediscovered himself. He found his passion rejuvenated with purpose. He is in a mission to create more and more success stories.










He offers career workshops and seminars for students. If you are a school, college, or any institution, you can contact us with your details and date. We’ll revert you once after looking at our schedule and discuss it further. If you have any other event planned for students and others, and you think that he can be a contributor to it, you may simply write us and we’ll revert you in the same manner.


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