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My Why

My deepest passion is to help youth find yours and make a career around. Passion is the only vehicle driving success and happiness together.


How I do it

I enable ambitious you to achieve personal fulfilment and success no matter where you are I act as a mentor and coach on your journey to sustainable growth while living the life you always dreamed of along your way. I don’t do the same. I stand out. I do things differently. I am passionate.

… enable ambitious you

I am more than just a career counsellor. I help and support you giving you the tools you need to succeed in a career. I deliver knowledge, inspiration and feedback. I make things possible.
You’re a committed career seeker and want to succeed? You’re constantly seeking knowledge and want to thrive? You want to live your passion and make career around because you know that passion is a powerful driver to success and happiness? You’ve come to the right place. Yes, I’m not for college admissions. I am for ambitious youth, job seekers and career changers who wants to live their dreams and achieve their goals.

… personal fulfillment

I am the place to live your passion. If you want both success and happiness on your way, then passion is the only vehicle to drive. Following your passion as career is a great way to have an impact and receive recognition around you. Feel valued, receive appreciation and appreciate yourself. I help you become the person you want to be.

… success

Have you dreamed of earning enough living with your passion? I help you find and execute the right strategy to achieve exactly this. I provide you the tools, knowledge, self-esteem and courage to stand-out and live-to-your-full-potential.

… no matter where you are

I want to offer you an easily accessible and flexible personalised career counselling and coaching program. Place and time no longer are a restriction. You can choose your medium - either in-person or distance, or both.

… journey

ASCA is a place for people who are ready to cash on their passion and start a real journey towards success and fulfillment. The road may not be straight, but we at your side through all ups and downs.

… sustainable growth

Sustainable growth means repeatable and healthy development that is responsible to, and for, current and future. It’s the key to long-term success, happiness and fulfillment. We believe in healthy and lasting improvements and want to help you produce long-term effects. This is why we offer annual mentorship program - that you’ll have unlimited access to me and I will work alongside. Ask for more details about the program.

… the life you always dreamed of

Our life-style designing helps living the life you always dreamed of along with your career, and achieving your goals. Your career storyboard will count on your milestones and stimulates you on your journey.

… I do things differently

I am not a usual career counsellor. I question traditional career counselling methods - generic aptitude tests & psychometric tests. I embrace evolution and have courage to be different. Career counselling in 2022 is not either same and easy as it was in 2002. I use self-developed practical methods based on digital-age career aspirations and opportunities.


A Social Movement

I'm more for you than just a career counsellor. I am there for you. I listen to your needs, fears, and doubts. I inspire you. I show you the path.

Your commitment towards me: Your whole heart, passion, and sincerity. I want you to make a conscious decision to invest energy, time and-yes- also money in yourself choosing the right career.

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