High School Students (8th - 12th)

Unlock your child's potential with Avinash Sahoo, the premier career counsellor specialising in guiding modern-age youth towards success in the digital era. Discover how Avinash's approach sets him apart from other career counsellors in India.

Premier Career Counselling:


Avinash engages in personalised, one-on-one assessments, empathising and providing tailored support for your child’s unique aspirations and challenges.


Avinash addresses the unique career dilemmas often overlooked by generic psychometric tests. His assessments are based on real-life questions that today’s youth face in the digital age.


Avinash uses logical analysis to provide tailored guidance, helping your child make informed decisions based on their unique strengths and interests.


Avinash provides actionable strategies for real-world success in today’s competitive landscape. His counselling method fosters confidence, career prospects, and overall personal growth in your child.

Avinash Vs. Other Career Counsellors in India


Avinash’s Approach: One-on-One Sessions, Written Tests, Real-Life Questions, Personalised Assessment.

Other Career Counsellors in India: Online Psychometric Tests, Generic Questions, Lack of Personal Understanding


Avinash’s Approach: Logical Analysis, Expertise in Understanding Emotions and Aspirations

Other Career Counsellors in India: Algorithmic Results, One-Size-Fits-All, Lack of Understanding and Consideration of Emotions and Aspirations.


Avinash’s Approach: Comprehensive Guidance, Step-By-Step Action Plans

Other Career Counsellors in India: Limited Scope, No Action Plans

Sir is one of the best and most logical career counsellors. He made me clear a lot of my confusions about my career. After talking to him, he helped me make a step by step roadmap for my goals. His approaches in his counselling programs are very practical and unique. Thankyou so much for the help. I would highly recommend sir.

Harshita Hunjan
12th, Science

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Why Choose Avinash

  • Personalised Attention: Tailored guidance for your child’s unique needs and aspirations.
  • Relevant Guidance: Career choices grounded in the latest digital-age opportunities.
  • Holistic Growth: Focus on both career success and personal development.

Questions You May Ask:


Avinash’s track record of success, combined with his innovative counselling methods, makes him the top choice for parents who want the best for their children’s future.


Avinash is a career counsellor, mental health advocate, and life coach, all rolled into one. His holistic approach ensures that your child receives comprehensive support for their growth and well-being.


Avinash Sahoo’s approach is distinguished by its personalised, practical, and digitally-focused nature. Unlike traditional methods, Avinash stays abreast of the latest career trends, providing actionable strategies for navigating today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


Avinash’s counselling approach is personalised and empathetic, offering individualised support tailored to each student’s specific needs and ambitions. In contrast, online psychometric tests often provide generic recommendations, lacking the personal touch.


Avinash engages in one-on-one discussions with students and parents, conducts written tests to gain insight into their aspirations, challenges, and objectives. Using real-world scenarios relevant to the digital era, he offers tailored guidance and insights.


Avinash explores a broad spectrum of career prospects, including emerging digital fields and industries. By helping students identify their strengths and interests, he guides them towards relevant and rewarding career paths.


Expect increased confidence, clarified career objectives, and tangible achievements in the digital realm. Avinash equips students with practical strategies and unwavering support to help them realise their aspirations.


That’s completely normal! Avinash specialises in helping students explore their interests, passions, and potential career paths. He’ll guide him in discovering his path.


Absolutely. Avinash provides guidance on digital wellness, mental health, and overall well-being. He acknowledges the unique challenges of the digital age and assists students in navigating these issues effectively.


Yes, Avinash specialises in addressing digital-age challenges. He’s well-versed in guiding students through modern complexities.


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Remember, counselling with Avinash Sahoo is an investment in your child’s future. It’s an opportunity to equip them with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive in high school and beyond.


Our centre for career counselling in South Delhi is at Saket. You can visit us for in-person counselling, however most people now a days choose to distance and online career counselling, through phone and video calls. Whatever mode you choose the process remains the same, and you can expect the same results.


Our centre for career counselling in Mumbai is at Andheri. You can visit us for in-person counselling, however most people now a days choose to distance and online career counselling, through phone and video calls. Whatever mode you choose the process remains the same, and you can expect the same results.