Career Counselling for Working Professionals

Career counselling is crucial at every stage of life, especially as you're in the world-of-work. With the large number of professionals who enter the market every year, competition is stiff. Whether you are a young working professional or a mid career changer, we offer customised solution.

What Do You Want!

Unemployment can happen for any reason and can last for any long. Our career counselling helps when initial options have not been working or it’s been a long time, and you just don’t know why you can’t get a job. He will review the situation and suggest. He’ll assess the market and give you options. He will guide you with the right path to get you back into a career or even just a job right now.

Change is strange, that’s why a lot of people stick to what they do and struggle. Whatever the reason, but you can change your job and career anytime. In fact you can change everything around you. Because change is only constant, and it’s much faster in this digital-age, so why not you! As a coach and mentor he can help shape your path.

Do you think you deserve more? You are capable of more than what you do and handle? So, it’s time to work in a place and position that fits. He’ll review everything matching with your expectations and suggest. And he’ll coach you how to get there.

Maybe your life went in a direction you were not able to control or you were too busy to realise. But since you have realised now, you can change it. You’re never too late to live your dreams. And you deserve it. Let’s prepare to play the second inning well.

Step-By-Step Counselling

We will listen to your back stories. We’ll evaluate your family and financial goals. We’ll measure your dreams and aspirations. This is a step where we read you black & white – page-after-page.

Towards fulfilling your career needs we will conduct the necessary tests. We will do the specific market research and competition analysis. This is a step where we reveal all facts and figures that help you realising your goals better.

Based on the findings, and considering your education and experience, we shall recommend you the best-fit job and career. This is the step where we thoroughly discuss the options that help you realising your dreams and aspirations better. And more..

Once you choose the career, we’ll go designing it in a way that automates your success, We’ll give you an exact step-by-step action plan to succeed in that career easily. This is your success automation. All you need after this is follow the steps and you’re on your way. So. it’s your sure success formula to achieve anything and everything in life.

Some of the things that we’ll be doing in this step are:

  • Expanding Career Ideas
  • Creating Career Identity & Credibility
  • Organising Dreams & Setting Right Goals
  • Creating Career Need-List
  • Creating Career Storyboard
  • Creating Step-By-Step Action Plans

Avinash Sahoo ! … what can i say which will add up for this amazing person. As i plan to transition in my professional journey, Avinash has been my guide and philosopher… after interacting with him the transition seems actually feasible … his confidence and methodical approach just gives you the clarity necessary … i am in the middle of my journey … will update again once reach my destination … more power to Avinash ! Way to go mate !

Mandit Barua
Sr. Project Manager(Elect. Engineer) at NHPC, Faridabad

Why Counselling With Avinash Sahoo?

  • He evaluates and re-structure your career & life.
  • He creates the social career identity you deserve and desire.
  • He re-designs your career that automates your present and future success.
  • He re-designs your life-style that aligns your identity.
  • He helps en-cashing on your passion and experience.
  • He builds you the credentials that gives you an immediate advantage professionally
  • He gives valuable inputs and resources draw upon his experience.
  • He builds the new you.

Who Is This Counselling For?

  • Young working professionals looking for a big-shift- want to go to the next level, exploring new options(within and outside their industry).
  • Those looking for a career change (transition) India & International.  
  • Those who stressed being jobless and wants to get back to work immediately.
  • Mid-career changers who wants to re-invent the wheel and play the second innings well.
  • Professionals that have difficulties in career and work-life balance.
  • People who lost interest in their job and thinking to start a business, but unsure about their move.

What Is Included?

  • Personalised one-on-one counselling sessions.
  • Personal and career assessment tests & report.
  • Storyboard of your career & life-style designing.
  • Step-by-step career action-plan & calendars
  • Unlimited questions & answers even after the program ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

An expert career counsellor & coach can help you digging deep into yourself: -Discussing your career objectives -Dealing with stress -Finding your true calling in life -Utilising your skills fully -And so much more..

Avinash Sahoo is the most authentic and efficient career counsellor in Delhi that uses modern and practical career counselling method. He invented first-ever career designing and life-style designing formula that helps succeeding in any career you choose and fulfils all your life dreams easily. He will not only help you choose your right career but give you an exact(step-by-step) roadmap to succeeding in it. He developed these unique career counselling methods after years of research and interviewing hundreds of young people about their purpose and passion in life and understanding their most negative emotions about the subject. He is the only of it’s kind in India that teaches the secret of finding a career that’s both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

The accuracy of an online career assessment test is a big question mark. We believe only a human can learn one’s past and emotions, and what is going in his mind and suggest accordingly. So, for a 100% Accurate Assessment Result we conduct written career assessment tests. These are practical questions methods developed over our years of research.

Yes, we offer both in-person & distance online career counselling through phone and video calls.

Avinash Sahoo will take all the sessions himself. Else his team is there to help you with other things.

Our career counselling program starts with an interview session. A multi-level of written assessment tests are there to discover the best in you. Our in-depth assessment after all the tests will reveal your hidden potentials and recommend you with the best-fit-career options.

Career designing is the formula to automate your success in any career. Once we find your best-fit-career, we’ll go designing it, we’ll get you an exact (step-by-step) action plan to succeed in that career. All you need is follow the steps and you’re on your way.

Life-style designing helps living your dreams along with your career. We will create your career storyboard that helps organising your dreams and goals in a way that achieve themselves.

Our centre for career counselling in South Delhi is at Saket. You can visit us for in-person counselling, however most people now a days choose to distance and online career counselling, through phone and video calls. Whatever mode you choose the process remains the same, and you can expect the same results.

Of course, you will get a full report at the end of the program. It’s human made comprehensive career assessment report with success roadmap, not a software generated generic report. Every report is unique and personalised, made by Avinash Sahoo after a thorough assessment of all the gathered information/data. It’s once-in-a-life-time report that you can refer back anytime for inspiration.