Career Counselling For Graduates & Post-Graduates

Ensuring that finding the right career and succeeding in it is not pure luck. It’s about following a proven method and creating a step-by-step plan under the guidance of a best career counsellor & coach. Put an end to the self-questioning and discover your most-rewarding career with Avinash Sahoo.
  • He uses modern and practical techniques to assess and recommend you with latest career opportunities with real-life success plans.
  • He provides you with honest, clear career guidance through confidential career-focused sessions.
  • His report is detailed and personalised that can be referred back anytime for instant motivation and guidance.
  • His counselling is based on most-recent findings in career and digital-age opportunities.

What We Do

Many students leave school without making the right choices for their careers. If you make the wrong decision now about your career, you could find yourself dropping out of college finding it hard to get a good job after graduation.
Choosing your career is the biggest decision of your life. The choice of your career is going to decide how you’ll live a large part of your life; how successful and happy you will be.
So, we connect your passion and potentials in a way that best matches your personality and skillset in a particular profession.

Out of deadlines, student would jump into a course and college immediate after 12th and later wonder about the career. But it’s the opposite, you need to first realise through the career and life, and then choose the course accordingly.
So, we put in enough efforts helping you choosing your best-fit-career and recommend course accordingly.

Do you know why some youth are so happy and optimistic about their future and others worried? Why some youth are taking constant actions in their career where others are confused? And the answer is that he has designed his career and others don’t. He has the success road-map and others don’t.
Our career-designing will help you creating the exact step-by-step action-plan to succeed in your chosen career. So, you know what action you need to take today, tomorrow, next week and month that automates your success.
And our ‘life-style designing’ helps you live-the-life you always dreamed of along with your career and achieve milestones.

Step-by-step counselling

We will listen to your back stories. evaluate your goals, and measure your dreams and aspirations. An intensive session to understand your problems and needs to personalise the approach.

Conduct the necessary tests to discover your personality, passion and potentials. Where your strength and aptitudes are lies on.

We will do the specific market research and analysis to strengthen our career assessment and explore both competitions and opportunities worldwide.

Based on all the data (test and research), 3-4 career options shall be recommended to you. Higher education and skills would also be recommended according to the career you choose. Job and business options would also be recommended accordingly.

Career choosing is half the way, and the other half is plan it to success. And we do exactly that.
Once you have chosen your career, we’ll go designing it in a way that automates your success. We help execute an exact (step-by-step) action plan that help succeeding in your chosen career.
Our life-style designing helps you achieve all your life-goals along with your career. A formula to live the life you always dreamed of, along with your career.
Career and Life-Style Designing are your secret formulas to achieve anything and everything in life.

We focus on results, not on sessions. Hence we offer unlimited questions and answers even after the program ends. We will work with you until you fully realised and get the desired results. So, don’t worry.

A very knowledgeable, well-read, experienced, and wise person. Every minute with him, you are learning something. He is an institution in himself. He did life and career coaching for me. It was a total eye-opener. The options and the lifestyle design suggested by him were impeccable. His plan is entirely actionable and nothing philosophical. You start seeing your goals and life in a different light altogether. A must-recommend for all those who want clarity and actionable plans for a better life and career.

Cheshta Jain
M.Tech & Research Scholar at IIT, Delhi

Why Counselling With Avinash Sahoo?

  • He connects your passion and potentials in a way that best matches your personality and skillset in a rewarding career.
  • He suggests right course & skills you need in your chosen career.
  • He helps you execute a strategy to succeed in your career and live the life you always dreamt of.
  • He helps building the right credentials to advance you professionally.
  • We’ll guide you finding internships that relate to the industries you are interested in.
  • He gives valuable inputs and resources draw upon his experience.

Who Is This Counselling For?

  • Graduates/post-graduates, that un-sure of their career path, wants to know the options available and what to study further.
  • Under-graduates, that are un-happy and questioning their education and decisions so far.
  • College dropouts who just lost interest on study, don’t know what to do, maybe wants to explore what is right for them.
  • Youth who are just confused, stressed, don’t know where to go and what to do.
  • Anyone with any questions, difficulties on life, career and education.

What Is Included?

  • Personalised one-on-one career focused sessions & assessment tests.
  • Personalised career assessment report that you can refer back anytime for instant inspiration and guidance.
  • Unlimited questions and answers even after the program ends.
  • A book from Avinash’s publications
  • A step-by-step career plan

Frequently asked questions

Two reasons. First, our practical method of career counselling and testing takes more time than online career assessment tests such as psychometric test by all other career counselling services in Delhi, India. Second, we believe in quality than quantity, to offer best value to each we limit our numbers.

Avinash Sahoo is the most authentic and efficient career counsellor in Delhi that uses modern and practical career counselling method. He invented first-ever career designing and life-style designing formula that helps succeeding in any career you choose and fulfils all your life dreams easily. He will not only help you choose your right career but give you an exact(step-by-step) roadmap to succeeding in it. He developed these unique career counselling methods after years of research and interviewing hundreds of young people about their purpose and passion in life and understanding their most negative emotions about the subject. He is the only of it’s kind in India that teaches the secret of finding a career that’s both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

There are about 7-8 sessions in a counselling program which may take upto 7 days. But as you know we offer unlimited questions and answers even after the program ends.

Yes, we offer both in-person & distance online career counselling through phone and video calls.

Avinash Sahoo will take all the sessions himself. Else his team is there to help you with other things.

The accuracy of an online career assessment test is a big question mark. We believe only a human can learn one’s past and emotions, and what is going in his mind and suggest accordingly. So, for a 100% Accurate Assessment Result we conduct written career assessment tests. These are practical questions methods developed over our years of research.

Our career counselling program starts with an interview session and then a rapid-fire round. A multi-level of verbal and written career assessment tests are there to discover your personality, passion, and potentials. Our in-depth assessment after all the verbal & written tests will reveal your hidden potentials and recommend you with the best-fit-career options.

Career designing is the formula to automate your success in any career. Once we find your best-fit-career, we’ll go designing it, we’ll get you an exact (step-by-step) action plan to succeed in that career. All you need is follow the steps and you’re on your way.

Life-style designing helps living your dreams along with your career. We will create your career storyboard that helps organising your dreams and goals in a way that achieve themselves.

Our centre for career counselling in South Delhi is at Saket. You can visit us for in-person counselling, however most people now a days choose to distance and online career counselling, through phone and video calls. Whatever mode you choose the process remains the same, and you can expect the same results.

Of course, you will get a full report at the end of the program. It’s human made comprehensive career assessment report with success roadmap, not a software generated generic report. Every report is unique and personalised, made by Avinash Sahoo after a thorough assessment of all the gathered information/data. It’s once-in-a-life-time report that you can refer back anytime for inspiration.