If you have ever wondered how successful you can be by following your passion then here is your proof. Here are 8 most successful people in the world who are purely product of their passion.
  1. J.K Rowling
Before her fame as author of the popular Harry Porter, a bestseller series, Rowling worked as a bilingual secretary and researcher. Eventually, she lost her job, and this gave her the opportunity to concentrate on her writing passion. And it turned out being her best decision and which eventually made her the first person ever to become a billionaire through book writing.
  1. Walt Disney
During the World War 1, Walt Disney was a ambulance driver and eventually became a newspaper editor, where he fired and dedicated his life to setting bigger goals for his passion for his cartoon series. Walt headed to Hollywood with his passion and talent and proved that following ones passion pays.
  1. Sylvester Stallone
Stallone was working as a cleaner for lion cages, but he didn’t give up his passion for movies. He wrote the script for the superhit movie “Rocky,” which he played a very active role. Actually he bargained to get that role in exchange of the script. That was the beginning of his acting career, and now you know how successful he is.
  1. Tom Cruise
Cruise came from a Catholic family and as a young he forced to be a Catholic priest. But his passion didn’t let him stay out of his school drama team. His family moved from Canada to the US, but his talent never fizzled out and he eventually made his first movie appearance at 19. He ultimately became a movie sensation.
  1. Henry Ford
He kept going strong with passion for automobile manufacturing even when many dismissed his ideas. Against all odds and failing several times, he finally established ‘Ford Motor Company’. And you know what is ford today?
  1. Jeff Bezos
The CEO of Amazon started by selling books more than twenty years ago. His passion for books never stopped him starting a company from his garage. Later, Amazon was to branch into sales of anything conceivable, and today he is one of the richest men on the earth.
  1. Bill Gates
The chairperson of Microsoft, was a bright student in class even from a tender age whose interest in computers grew progressively with time. He got admitted in Harvard University in 1973, but his passion for computers and programming had become so burning that he decided to quit. And that’s paid off.
  1. Christian Owens:
I have to add his name for a proof that following your passion is independent of age. At a very young age, he learnt web design all by himself and started his first company when he was only fourteen years old. And became a millionaire before he turned sixteen by creating “Mac Bundle Box” his brain child.  

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