Avinash Sahoo, a humanity-cantered Author, Blogger, YouTuber, and Youth Advocate, quickly earning the reputation as an ambassador of passion and career designer across India. 

But before awakening to his purpose, He faced and eventually overcame untold hardship. From growing up in a mud hut, to watching his mother starve herself just so her three children didn’t go to sleep hungry, his heart felt broken at an early age. The people in his small village mocked them left and right, but despite all the negativity, there was a light that burned fiercely within him—and that light was the thirst for knowledge. 

Eventually, he wound up with a career in the banking and finance industry, which changed his living situation drastically. However, there was an emptiness still growing inside of him. His lifestyle may had transformed, but his soul was as stagnant as ever. Despite this newfound success that he constantly dreamed about as a little boy, he battled with both depression and anxiety.

After his mother’s untimely death, he was propelled deeper into the darkness but also onto a path of self-discovery—and it is in that rediscovery that he realized the importance of living mindfully and purposefully. Ultimately, he awakened to his truest, innermost self and to his calling: to empower the youth to harness their infinite potential, chase after their dreams, and live the fulfilling life they have always dreamed of. Put simply, he is on a mission to create as many success stories as possible. 

Upon interviewing hundreds of ambitious youth who removed any roadblocks that stood in their way, he has unlocked the secret to paving the path to success by helping nurture one’s passion and transform it into a lifelong vocation. Most of these inspiring, real-life stories are featured on his  book, What If You Love X and Marry Y?The idea behind this self-help guide stems in his core belief that choosing a career is nothing less than choosing a life partner.




He truly believes that every person can tap into their wildest hopes and aspirations and live the dreams they’ve always wanted. For him “Humanity” is the only but “Universal Religion” that everyone should follow.


Contact Information

You can contact Avinash at passionwithavinash@gmail.com, or connect on FaceBook or Twitter.