Has it ever crossed your mind that choosing the right career path is similar to choosing the right partner? A beautiful, sexy and romantic partner that shares your dreams and ambitions and feels like the best fit for your life…

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On “What If You Love X and Marry Y?”, author Avinash Sahoo offers stunning and exceptional insights, comparing career path choice to relationships and love.

In this book, Avinash will walk you through many important things and will help you:

Understanding the importance of choosing a career that’s right for you

Overcoming fears and obstacles that are in your way and turning your dreams into reality

Managing expectations and understanding what success is

Discovering your passion and understanding how to turn your dreams into a viable career path

Taking control of your own destiny

And much more…

Written specifically with young adults in mind, What If You Love X and Marry Y? is a complete guide to making sure you get on the right path, while dealing with social or cultural pressures, family or other outside influences.

So, if you are a young adult, who is trying to build a life and career that is fun, fulfilling, and financially viable, this book is one you simply must read!

“This book helps you ask the right questions to lead you to your own self-discovery and your answers will point you towards a life of success and happiness.”
Manoj Bajpayee

What People Say About Avinash

“ I would say that Avinash is very hardworking man. He has a passion to work for the upliftment of the games which are deprived of limelight of media. He is helping people to get to know about the various talents in different sports. I would like to thank him for being so helpful to bring out my performance into everyone's notice. I wish him all the very best for his future. Keep motivating the fresh talent and inspire them to perform in more better way "
Indian Archer
Gold Medalist, Arjuna Award Winner
“ From all of my life, I knew that writing is my anchor. I wanted to write with all my heart but my parents were making me to go for CS course. I did clear till final level of Cs but then I Just left it out and pursued my career. Thanks To avinash Sir for helping me living a life, I always wanted. You are shaping this world into a better place for living. Much love and gratitude, Thanks very much Avinash Sir, All the best for future "
“ Really a passionate,motivating and helpful person.You are a perfect example for others to seek for their passion and live with it. I wish you achieve all your dreams to the fullest "
Gold Medalist, International Para Athlete
“ I would just like to say that you are an amazing worker. Besides helping other people to find their passion you are very passionate about your work. I find inspiration and motivation in all your shows and videos. All the best for future sir "
Student, Jaypee Institute of information Technology
"Very few people in this world have the courage to leave everything and follow their passions and Avinash is a great example for that. He is a great observer of life and really understands the mantra of passion that creates a basic platform to be successful. With always a "Ready to help" attitude and great interpersonal skills, Avinash can teach anyone to have a clarity in their vision of life goals. A Great human being and always a joy to talk with! "
Sanchit Guliani
Gold Medalist, UK National Record Holder, Member of Indian National Archery Team

About the Book

Avinash Sahoo

Book Author and The Passion Promoter

People write in and refer to Avinash as their career designer, and he is also very intensive about the role. He enjoys working with young adults and motivating them to follow their dreams. He truly believes that every person can tap into their wildest hopes and aspirations and live the dreams they’ve always wanted.

After having a lucrative career in banking, he fell into depression, spurred by lack of fulfillment. But his life changed when he rediscovered himself. He found his passion rejuvenated with purpose. This title is part of his continuous research on the subject of  building “fulfilling careers”.

He always says: “Success has no standard definition; you have to write your own.”

Learn to write the most romantic story of your life and career!

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