Choosing your career is the biggest decision of your life. The choice of your career is going to decide how you'll live a large part of your life; how successful and happy you will be. So, I believe in connecting your passion and potentials in a way that best matches your personality and skillset in a particular profession. At the end of the program, you will know your most profitable passion with 3 - 4 most favorable career options.

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The Step-By-Step Process


An intensive individual session to understand student's perspective about life and career. This session also aims at identifying student's attitudes, strengths and weaknesses, life values and beliefs.


A session to know the family's social and professional structure & their perspective about the student and career.

step 3 : conducting tests

Taking the student through personal and career assessment tests. Research-based practical written tests to discover the student's personality, passion, and potentials.

step 4 : recommending career options

Based on the outcomes of all the previous sessions and tests, three to four career options from the modern diverse range of careers shall be recommended to the student. And based on the career options the right stream and subjects would be recommended (for 10 & 11th students).

step 5 : career discussion and doubts

If required both students and parents can come up with the doubts, questions & confusion about the career options/stream & subjects recommended to them. I shall solve all the queries possible.

Unlimited Q & A

I focus on results, not on sessions. Hence I offer unlimited questions and answers sessions, I will work with them until they fully understand and get the desired results. So, don't worry.


  • The student obtains 3-4 modern & diverse career options based on gathered data.
  • They understand the value of well-planned career based around their core qualities.
  • Brief understanding of all the career options.
  • They experience a break-through in terms of clarity as they begin thinking in tangent.


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Term counselling means getting professional assistance, and guidance; so you can get one step closer to your end goal.  Career counselling with an expert career counsellor and coach can go a lot further than simply getting advice on what path to take in your career. Whether you aren’t sure on how to deal with stress, fear, and personal life issues which are interfering with your career, career counselling from a true expert can really benefit you.
If you have recently completed 8th, 9th, 10th, or 12th grade, and you’re not sure what comes next. Or you may already get into a premier college or university, but you don’t know if your education will help you get where you want to go in life. Or maybe you’re in a job that pays well, but that you don’t enjoy. You wonder why you’re here. You feel a lack of excitement in life. Or you want to change careers, find something that makes you feel passionate, but you’re too afraid to make the jump. Or you know your career, but don’t know where and how to start. You’re stressed with personal issues.
A career coach takes a deeper look at your life as a whole. A career coach can help you dig deep into yourself: -Discussing your career objectives -Dealing with stress -Finding your true calling in life -Utilizing your skills fully -And so much more.
There are different types of career counsellors cum service providers in India. Depending upon your need: if you know your industry and want someone who can guide you with the potential career options and job available then a counsellor cum job consultant may be the right option for you. Or if you are excited about a foreign degree then a counsellor cum overseas educational consultant in India is the right choice for you. But if you’re not very sure which career path to take on and how then an expert career counsellor and coach is your answer. Sometimes maybe you need both an educational consultant and career expert and coach. In that case, you need to see the career coach first in order to know your right-career-path before you commit to higher education with an educational consultant.  Take the right decision and save your time and money.
It has seen time and time again: people are passionate, talented, energetic, and completely unsure of what they want to do with their lives. After 10th, 12th, or Graduation students have some big decisions to make. They are often misguided by others. It’s hard to choose right-career-path if you don’t know your passion and potentials. Being the only methodological career counsellor and coach of India, I approach these issues and more at the root level. I help students dive deep into themselves and discover the hidden gems that can help them build a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. I teach “how to choose your right-career-path” and “how to design your career to automate your success". I build you a future based on your passion and potentials.
Yes! I assess you over practical questions and drive you through a process of finding your right-stream. And that's not all, I'll answer all your questions. I'll coach you on how to overcome stress, deal with fear, and personal life issues. You can actually expect more when you book a career counselling with me.
Yes! Through my practical assessment, I drive you through a process of finding your most suitable & profitable job/niche based on your core-genius. I'll answer all your questions and give reasons for my recommendation. Also, I'll make you industry-ready by coaching you with; how to overcome stress and fear and crack the interview easily. I will give you more than you expect from a job and career coach in India.
The accuracy of an online career assessment test is a big question mark. We believe only a human can learn one's past and emotions, and what is going in his mind and suggest accordingly. So, for a 100% Accurate Assessment Result we conduct written career assessment tests. These are practical questions methods developed over our years of research.

Counselling using on practical methods

Written assessment tests based on research

one-on-one counselling with Avinash Sahoo

Unlimited Queries & doubts clear

distance counselling available (Skype/phone)

parents welcome


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