Failing to Discover your Passion is a Recipe for Failure in Life.

What is your passion in life? What spurs you even when there seems to be no reason to go on? What is the reason behind the choices you make in your life especially as regards your career?


I decided to coach you because I have been there, and when I look back now, I realize I would have done better with my passion and talent’s inclinations if I had availed career counselling from a true expert.

I wish someone had spoken to me about the things I discuss in my counselling programs, for this is a part of our everyday lives that many have neglected, yet it is real and powerful and has continued to influence and affect our lives and world in more ways than we can truly imagine.

Your early adult life is the time to start getting all your options right, for in years to come, say twenty-thirty years down the line, whatsoever your life would have turned out to be would be a cumulative measure of all the choices you have made, either right or wrong. Of course, not everyone makes the right decisions the very first time especially when it comes to life aspirations and passions, and there are those who never get it right until they are dead.

That is the most tragic circumstance that can ever befall any individual in a world where potentials are unlimited and resources are immense. There are those like me who eventually stumbled on our true life passions out of random experiences, unguided trials and errors, or from outright disappointments where such an individual is forced by circumstances to either survive or die.

Your passion is your compass in this vast sea of life, you miss it and you may never arrive at your destination. Of course, the oceans out there are too vast to navigate by trial and error, and such is life.

Therefore, everyone needs guidance. Every young adult needs a pointer, a means of direction, a compass to make the journey of life interesting, productive and worthwhile.

In every human, including you and I, there is a reservoir of untapped ability or potentials that would remain dormant until activated. Your passion is the key to that activation.

My counselling programs are designed to be a compass, to navigate you in the right direction of discovering your passion and choosing the most exciting-career-path.

This is the centre point of every life.

It is your passion in life that will lead you in the long run into other accomplishments in life. Your passions would lead you eventually to your career, life interests, choice of a spouse and ultimate life ambitions.


Failing to discover your passion is a recipe for a cataclysmic failure in life.


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