Who is your best friend?  Where is he? These days we are swarmed with superficial friendships. Our Facebook accounts brim with friends and connections we’ve barely met or barely interacted with. How many people on your social media accounts do you actually interact with day- to-day? How many do you actually care about? It’s difficult to cultivate meaningful relationships on the internet. It seems as if we don’t have the time to build real connections anymore and invest in each other’s lives more than scrolling past posts and liking them. Social media has actually downgraded friendship to a great extent. It is easy to feel alone despite the hundreds of friends you may have on Facebook. But that’s not the case with me. Couple of years back when I was dwelling with the loneliness, I questioned myself, why I’m alone, after all I’ve so many friends and my FB friends list is long? And there I realised the truth. There I found my best friend, my passion. In my passion I’ve found a friendship that is earnest and true. Together we laugh, joke, create, and thrive. I’ve found a steady support in my passion that propels me forward. Friends are wonderful, but also realize that within yourself and your passion you already possess a friendship that is beautiful and strong. In times of worry or discouragement, you need to lean on that. Life is like a marathon. It’s a rough and long road. You have to keep running without a finishing line in sight. And you need someone who run beside you, cheer for you and hand you bottles of water. And there will no one except your passion. For me, my passion runs beside me every step of the way. My passion cheering me along. It shouts words of encouragement. “When you meet your true passion, you understand the meaning of friendship you’ve always had inside yourself.” Use your passion and move forward down your path. It becomes a lifelong friendship.  

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