How Jeff Bezos(The Founder of Amazon) becomes the Richest Man on Earth?

What do you know about Mr. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon?

How has he come through a long way to present place? It took him 20 years of struggle to get to this spectacular position.

Decades ago, he realized that www (world wide web) was making a progress of 23,000% per month. Right then, he decided to take an initiative for his own business.

He enlisted books as the first item to be sold and started from his garage.

Being the smartest guy, he started an online business quitting his job at a company that was at its peak, but his decision paid off. Today, he has a worth of $90 billion and sells whatever he wants.

As a kid, he aspired to be a space-entrepreneur and today, he owns a space exploration company.

How can one turn a book-selling company to the never-ending empire of business?

For this, you need extra-passion, extra-enthusiasm, and extra-genius with continuous hard work.

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