Never Wanted To Start A Company, I Was Happy Doing What I Was Doing!

“Never thought of myself as an entrepreneur”

Said Dhiraj C. Rajaram the founder and CEO of Mu-Sigma- The billion Dollar and the first ever indian company to be called as an unicorn.

Dhiraj is very open about his reasons for starting up and entrepreneurship. He says, “I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. I never wanted to start a company or anything like that. I was happy, doing what I was doing. There were few thoughts that led to how the company got started.”

For Dhiraj, it all started because of his unending urge to learn. His second reason to startup was to separate noise from the signals – in terms of information that comes to businesses in their day-to-day life. And the final reason was his belief that innovation in businesses was nothing but chance.  And more the trial and error, the better the chance to innovate. The more experimentation, the better the chance to innovate.

This is an excerpt from an article called, The billion dollar mu sigma story - with founder dhiraj c. rajaram, from

When you read the entire story here you will be able to highlight more and more such lines as I did few here in above. This will help you think on your part, how things turn easily into a big success as you listen to your heart and believe on your guts.

So, leaving you here, go read the story and think how you would like to shape your story!

Have A Good Day!

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