Life is a journey. You can stop along the road sometimes to stretch your legs and check your car, but ultimately you have to keep moving forward. If you ask anyone today, what they think makes life enjoyable I doubt anyone would say “building a dream career.” Instead, most people would say “a luxurious house” or an “expensive car.” But the reality is these won’t bring you satisfaction if you aren’t satisfied with your work and actions. Your career is like a vehicle you drive every single day. But the comfort of the journey doesn’t depend on how luxurious the car is, but rather how excited the driver is driving it. You can have a beautiful Ferrari, but that won’t matter if you hit a patch of water and you hydroplane. Everything depends on who’s driving it. Life is a long journey. If you have chosen a demanding and lucrative job, but you’re not passionate about it, I guarantee you’ll lose steam by the end. It won’t excite you and you won’t be able to enjoy all the comforts you’ve sacrificed your happiness for. Life is long and hard, don’t make it any harder on yourself ? Passion is an excellent driver. It has the natural tendency to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. It will help guide you when you are lost and need directions. It will be the best companion for your journey. So, don’t make a mistake by side-lining your passion and choosing a career purely based on demand & luxury, but rather choose a career based on it.

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