What is success means to you in this grand scheme of world? How do you measure it? As you know one of my quotes, “success has no standard definition, you have to write your own”. By all means I want to tell you that, Success is as simple as feeling great about yourself. If you are rich like Ambani and every day you feel stressed and frustrated then you are a failure. So, how to be successful? Here are 3 fastest ways:
  1. The fastest way to be successful is to be grateful.
  2. The second fastest way to be successful is to be you.
  3. The third is to find you passion and making a life around it.
If you are an elephant climbing a tree, I guarantee you will fall. Find out what elephants excel at instead. There’s no need for you to be climbing a tree if you’re much better at stomping around the grasslands. Find your grasslands and stop climbing trees. Too often people are like elephant climbing trees. They’re on the wrong path. They’re doing work they’re not meant to. If you’re struggling in life then I suggest you check on your path:
  • Are you on right path?
  • Are you working on what you passionate about?
  • Is your work aligned with who you are?
IN TOTAL, ARE YOU, YOU? To become successful you need to be happy first. And to be happy you need to find the work you love most. So, happiness that drives success comes from your passion. What is that mean? That means, your success is directly proportional to your passion. And that’s the answer to the question above, what is success. WANT SUCCESS? GO FIND YOUR PASSION NOW..      

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