Why Are Only A Small Percentage Of Youth In India Happy With Their Career?

Everyone aspires to have a career which provides enough money to lead a happy life. To achieve that goal, everyone goes through countless years of gaining knowledge and after that they also have to prove their intelligence through exams. After all that hard work the payoff should taste sweet right? But alas! That is the case for only a small percentage of youth in India. Because...

one of the fundamental reason behind being happy with one’s career is not money at all. Because after a certain amount of salary, money doesn’t have much say on the happiness of an employee. After being in a healthy economic state, happiness with a career largely depends on not treating the work as a chore. Because as long as a person doesn’t find happiness in his own work he will never be happy with his career.

Now you may ask, why are Indian’s less happy with their careers than the rest of the world? The answer is very simple. Everyone else chose their careers where most Indians were instructed to follow a career path by their parents, relatives or society. So no matter how successful a person becomes, he will never be truly happy in this case. Because this was never their own dream.

Apart from that another reason of their unhappiness is due to the media. Media portraits wealth in such a manner that it seems like life won’t be fulfilled without it and it is the key to every happiness. So, Indian students give their hard and soul to gain wealth. But then they realize that it was all a propaganda and all their efforts were for a lost cause.

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