Wonders of Listening to your Heart.

Our stories spring from our dreams. We are human, and humans have dreams. Sometimes we dream of a successful career and an exciting life. Other times we simply dream of being happy. But what does happiness mean to you? Have you ever sat down at the table and made a list of what makes you happy?

Not yet right? But when you’ll do you’ll find our happiness is constantly in flux. Some days a cat video from YouTube will have me on the floor crying from laughter, other days I look at it and my lips barely twitch into a smile.

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and my intension is to help you discover what makes you happy and even further from that happiness, how you can unlock your inner potential and achieve the goals you want in life.

Let me tell you one thing categorically, when there is a discord between your passion and your reality you can’t live up to your full potential. But once you align the two you can truly unlock your potential to achieve. It’s amazing how once you begin to align your life, things suddenly fall into place and the chaotic jigsaw that was once your life begins to develop into a completed puzzle.

Although puzzles aren’t finished in a day just as Taj Mahal wasn’t built in a day. It takes time and patience and determination to keep trying to fit pieces together but eventually they will fit.

Today, I feel true to myself. I feel as if each day I am connecting more and more pieces in my puzzle and it is finally taking shape. Wonders happened in my life. Wonders are happening to people all around you. Wonders will happen in your life too. When you listen to your heart.

My books and career counselling programs are driven by my deepest desire to share the insights that I discovered while moving forward towards a career change, going through a painfully long process of self- assessment, spread over far too many days and nights. I would say these are simply tools for you to begin thinking about your life and career.

I help the passionate and the ambitious. I help the movers and the shakers. I help those of you that are starting your journey to invest in a future with a career that’s right for you.

If you have the dream, then you have the guts. Now let’s begin your path towards a new life.


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