How To Make 2016  — Your Best Year Ever? (Day 5)

Welcome to Day Five:  ACTION

Yesterday we talked about the PUBLIC and I shared, how, MAKING YOUR GOAL PUBLIC, helps achieving it faster and how, you can use it making this year, your best year ever.

There we’ve learned,

  • Why it’s so important, that we should public our New Year’s Resolutions, and how it helps completing our goals faster.
  • What all we should public and what’s not ?
  • How to public them effectively?

There we also discussed, the fun & serious chart of WHY PUBLIC? , the P-A-D-H-A-G  rule.

You can read the complete post, HERE

Today we’ll discuss the “ACTION”. We have learned, making public our goal, helps taking action, but if you’re not clear about, what action need to be taken, then you’ll remain fasten.

So,how do you design or decide on a goal, that helps you taking the right action. Here is how we can achieve that.



Deciding, becoming more consistent in writing, didn’t help me completing my book, but “writing at least thousand word in a day” did.

“Becoming more consistent in writing”. Is that actionable? No. But “writing at least thousand word in a day”? That’s actionable.

One more example: “Becoming more health conscious”. Is that actionable? No. “Exercising thirty minutes a day”, that’s actionable.

Put an action verb, while writing your goal, that helps making it actionable.



I mean align here. We often don’t align our goal with the circumstances. We don’t realize, whether it’s the right time/duration to take this forward. Result, disappointment due to no action.

By circumstances, I mean, for an example, you have a goal, but there are other things, which are important and urgent too, if you don’t, you may loose a lot. So, will you be able to focus on your goal completely? No.

While deciding on a goal, see if it’s aligning to the timing, when you want to achieve them. If you realize, that may not be the right time for the goal, then you should swap it with another goal, which has better probability.



Most of us like to operate in the comfort zone. Why? Because we love to be comfortable, but the problem is nothing great ever happens in the comfort zone, where you’re going to get the satisfaction, where you mean the real growth.

I already have a goal of writing thousand word in a day, By deciding on, writing a blog post each day for the next five days, is nothing, but making it even challenging. The satisfaction which I have today, while I’m writing the last post of my goal, would have never been there, if I had it replaced with my daily writing goal. It’s a social proof, that people love challenges. Your goal need to be challenging enough, to get you the result and satisfaction.



The most popular term used for this is, deadline.

Writing another book in 2016. Am I like setting a goal here? No. It’s rather an aspiration. But what if I say, I want to complete the manuscript by September 15 and publishing by December 25? Here I’m setting a goal. Why? Because, I put a deadline here, made it time-bound. We often miss out differentiating aspiration and goal.

Similarly, writing thousand word in a day, may look like an aspiration, but writing thousand word by 12 noon everyday, is way more effective.

You actually make your goals more effective and easy to achieve, when you make  them time-bound.


That’s all for today(day5). Also this is the last post of my goal, help you making 2016, your best year ever. I hope, you found it useful and also you’re going to refer them while making your this year’s resolutions. Happy New Year, All the best best for your future. If you have any further query, you may contact, Email:

How To Make 2016  — Your Best Year Ever? (Day 4)

Welcome to Day Four: PUBLIC

Yesterday we talked about the PAST and I shared, how,

COMPLETING YOUR PAST can be a brilliant way to make this year, your best year ever, there I shown you THREE SIMPLE WAYS, how to achieve it.

Also I discussed the “After Action Review” of Indian Army, and why we should learn from them.

You can read the complete post, HERE

Today we’ll discuss the “PUBLIC”. Here we’ll learn,

  • Why we should public our resolutions, and how it helps completing our goals faster to make this year, the best year ever ?
  • What all we should public and what’s not ? And most importantly,
  • How to public our goals, that helps achieving it?

So let’s  get started..

Did you notice that, four days back, I publicized my goal, that I’m going to help you making 2016, YOUR BEST YEAR EVER, I’ll be sharing one reason, that holding you back from success and how you can overcome it, each day for the next FIVE DAYS.

Generally, I don’t maintain that frequency, but I’m on fire, I made myself accountable, my reputations are at stake. and I have to protect them.

Isn’t that a great way to getting ahead of your dreams? Yes it is…

I took a small resolution for five days, and I’m able to fulfilled it, because I made it public.


Because it makes you accountable,


Because it helps you being disciplined,


Because it creates habit,


Because it attracts action,


Because it helps achieving goal


Because it helps making this year, YOUR BEST YEAR EVER


Because you wanted,


How do I know…

No fun, all serious discussions. It’s actually till “GOAL” . It’s P-A-D-H-A-G, And  after that it’s again P(public). It’s a cycle, once you achieved your goal, you go back again to the public and tell them, that you did it.

You can’t make it  reverse, G-A-H-D-A-P, if you do, that means, you need to force yourself into action immediately after you decide on your goal, which is difficult. You may not able to take actions immediate upon your decision. To take action, you need motivation, commitment, you need to be on fire, and you’ll get all these, when you make it public.

“ Your goal need to be public to get push ups ”

What to Public?

I’m no where saying, public your plan, your business secrets, No, you may not required that. That’s your “HOW”s, how you want to achieve your goal, should be your secret, but if you want you can public that too.

But do publicize your “ WHAT”, what you wan to achieve.

There is one more thing, which you may publicize. That’s your WHY. I would encourage you to do that, because your why is always plays a bigger role in what you want to achieve. It’s your emotion or challenge, by publicizing it, helps make yourself more accountable. When you tell people, why you want to achieve that, you likely to share your inner self, your purpose a bit, and it’s difficult for you to hurt them. You surely would like to protect your self respect. And that’s what I want you to do.

How to Public?

there’re many way to do. But here are few effective ways, that you can consider.

Write them on paper or digitalize them, don’t just keep it in your mind, and tell people, this my goal for this year. Write them on your blog, diary or else where, put a signature into, and make them public on social media. In your FaceBook page/groups, you can post them in your WhatsApp groups too.  And all those possible ways, where you can make them popular.

If I’ve given a choice of only one place to publicize my goal, then I’d do it, by telling the friend(s), those who jealous of me and my work. That’s works great for me. Why? Because, they’ll make it even popular, if I fail, and I’m scared of it, and I don’t let it happens.


What are you waiting for, go and public, your goal of the year and make it your best year ever.

That’s all for today, See you tomorrow(Day 5)

How To Make 2016  — Your Best Year Ever? ( Day 3 )

Welcome to Day Three: PAST

Yesterday we talked about the CLARITY, and I shared, how we live in the world of complexity, and how we can replace it with  clarity, that helps fulfilling all your resolutions easily and making this year, your best year ever. You can read about that, here

Today we’ll discuss “PAST”. How to use our past as the success template of the future? Yes, that’s easier than you think, you can achieve that by,

“ Completing your past ”

if you don’t complete it, you’re likely to drag it into your future, and that’s dangerous, you may not realize, but it will color everything you’re trying to create for this year. Just think about it, how hard it could be for you to focusing on the present where your past is continuously flashing a picture of disappointment, if  it’s reminding you about your mistakes, how you failed?

Nothing could be as bad as this.

Both you and me know that, people live in the land of could of, should of, would of, where they simply can’t let go of their past. They can’t get unfasten  from it. It’s never possible for them to really consider their future because they’re too tied up in what happened.


I don’t want that happen to you, because, if it does, it’ll keep you from creating and experiencing YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.

We all should learn this from The INDIAN ARMY. I heard that, they have an “ After Action Review”, they do it after every major operation, so that they can get better at what they do. It’s a simple goal of understanding, what happened, why it happened and how they can get better. I think we all should use that exact same process to look at last year to complete it, so that we can have a great frame of mind to move forward into designing our this year as the best year ever.

This can be achieved by following steps.

Acknowledge it 

Acknowledge what happened. We can’t ignore what happened, we can’t pretend it didn’t happen. let’s not wish that it had gone away. it happened, and we have to acknowledge it. If we try to ignore it, it’s going to come back to bite us, and we’re not going to complete the past until we acknowledge what happened.

Learn from it

I learned some of the most valuable, some of the most important lessons from my past. Why only the past, even from my everyday’s. It’s really doesn’t matter, how small or big, or, old or near our experience, we should learn from them. Not learning from a mistake is like committing to another. You got to be able to learn from your experience.

Align to it

It’s not enough just to acknowledge it, it’s not enough to learn from the experience, but you need to align yourself accordingly. Something has to change, you need to change your behavior. If you don’t, then you’re missing everything, that you need to learn to grow and get beyond your past and how to make 2016, YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.

That’s all for the day, See you tomorrow (Day 4)

How To Make 2016  — Your Best Year Ever? (Day 2)

Welcome to Day Two: CLARITY

Yesterday we talked about the BELIEF and there I shared, THREE TYPES OF LIMITING BELIEFS, that’s holding you back from achieving your goals and how you can overcome them with simple and effective ways.

You can read the complete post, HERE

Today we’ll talk about clarity, and how that helps making 2016, your best year ever.

Nearly all of us have the difficulties to define, what we want exactly in life, what to do or achieve to call us success. Reason, Clarity. Our goals are often blur. And this is not limited to our career or financial achievements, also physical,  family/relationships and all others. Here we will learn, how clarity helps achieving what you want and how to bring it into life.

Too often we focus on lack instead of abundance. You know what I’m talking here.

You get up in the morning, and the first thing you think is ugh, I didn’t get enough sleep. You go to the bed at night and the first thing you think is ugh, I didn’t get enough done.

Due to social media we compare ourselves with other people, and we’re painfully aware of what we lack.

For example,

I’m not as smart as everyone else here,

I’m not as educated as everyone else,

I’m not graduated from a prestigious institute,

I’m not as creative as everyone else,

I don’t have a hot empathetic partner like everyone else,

I don’t have money like everyone else,

I’m not as lucky as everyone else.

The truth is, these are distortions, these are not truth, they’re not reality. They come when we compare ourselves with other people.

We compare, because, we have mass media in our life, we go to the nearest market place, we see the magazine talks about the people’s perfect lifestyle, we go to face book, there we see people post their perfect life or career, and we think somehow we’re lacking.

That’s because, we don’t have CLARITY, what we want in life, what is the perfect lifestyle for ourselves.

I call this, culture of perceived complexity.

“Comparison create a complex”, I discussed extensively about it’s characteristics and how to manage it effectively, in my book “Love X Marry Y”.

I don’t want you to begin your new year plan with complexity, rather I want you to do it with CLARITY. I don’t want you to limit your future with your beliefs…

You’re more smart than you think you are,

You’re more creative than you think you are,

You’ve more power than you think you have,

You’ve more resources than you imagine,

Have a clarity, what you want in life. Don’t live your life trying to achieve someone else’s definition of success. This way, you may never find your own.

That’s it for today(Day 2), See you tomorrow.

How To Make 2016  — Your Best Year Ever? ( Day 1 )

May be you’ve tried “New Year’s Resolutions” in the past, like everyone else, but it didn’t work or get the result you expected. As per study : Above Twenty-five percent of people discard their “New Year’s Resolutions” after one week. Above Sixty percent of people discard them within six months.

The most funny and disappointing, an average person makes the same “New Year’s Resolutions” every year for ten or more times without success. Reason, could be many, but the one out of “ Five Main Reasons” mentioned in the last post is “Belief” and we’ll discuss that here today, and the rest four will come in next 4 days. So read them as well.


1. Beliefs

your past is the past, I don’t know what’s happened. There may be hundreds of challenges, obstacles you’ve experienced, but they don’t have to limit your future. The past is the past, it’s like a released movie, you can’t do anything  about it, it’s gone, but you can do anything with your present and future movies. You can add and edit anything to your taste. It’s in your control. It’s got all kind of possibility, and that’s where I want you to be in the realm of possibility, and to suspend the disbeliefs and believe that your best days are ahead.

To make 2016 your best year ever, you’ve to overcome your limiting beliefs and believe in the truth.

I used to have this belief, if I was ever going to change my career, following my writing passion, but I did. Let’s talk about my last year resolution, completing the manuscript, and I did it. But frankly, it was been a disappointment in previous years.

I had the belief, how can I write over 75k words, that to with no prior writing experience, No No… that’s not possible for me. Even I laughed at my own thoughts many times.

But I overcome this, and completed the manuscript,  how?

There are three types of limiting beliefs.


The beliefs that we have about ourselves. You might say to yourself, I’m not that technically sounds, or, I don’t have sufficient money, or, I’m a kind of quitter, I never finished what I start. those are the beliefs we have about ourselves.



The beliefs that we have for others. It’s no use to ask him, he is too busy to help me, he is a kind of introvert, he must be upset with me, so I should avoid him now. These are not the truth about someone or some thing, these are the beliefs that we hold in our mind, and they’re often untrue.



The beliefs that we have about the world, and that’s when someone says like, “You know how women are, they’re so emotional, Rich people don’t care about anyone, you know this country will never change”. these are also the limiting beliefs, global beliefs about the world, society and community. And we treat them as reality, but they’re not.

The best way to overcome limiting beliefs is to replace them with a truth or fact.

I did the same, I said to myself, nothing is impossible, even if I want I can write 90k words in one month. There are many author in the world, wrote best sellers in one month. When I told this to one of my friends, he added one more fact to it, he said that, worlds top titles written over weekend. And the same friend, earlier agreed to the fact that, it’s really difficult for me to write 75k words, without any prior experience.

The truth is, your limiting beliefs are the only thing holding you back from success. If you could replace them with a bare truth, then you can achieve anything.

See you tomorrow with the next post/ next point i.e. Clarity.

How To Make 2016  — Your Best Year Ever ?

May be you’ve tried “New Year’s Resolutions” in the past, like everyone else, but it didn’t work or get the result you expected. As per study : Above Twenty-five percent of people discard their “New Year’s Resolutions” after one week. Above Sixty percent of people discard them within six months.

The most funny and disappointing, an average person makes the same “New Year’s Resolutions” every year for ten or more times without success. Reason, could be many, but the “Five Main Reasons” holding you back from the success, I found in my research, are as underscored.


1. Belief

“Believe you can, and you will”, most of us read this since years, I’m not talking about that here, No, nope.., We’ll talk some thing different here.

And by-the-way, you can only believe in yourself, if you overcome or understand your “Limiting Beliefs”. Yes, that will be the point of discussion here.

I used to have this belief, if I was ever going to change my career, following my passion, but I did. Let’s talk about my last year resolution, it was completing the manuscript, and I did it. But frankly, it was been a disappointment in previous years.

It was just my beliefs, that was holding me back. I had this belief, how can I write over 75k words, that to with no prior writing experience, No No… that’s not possible. Even I laughed at my own thoughts many time.

Every time I think about it, I add one more stone to it, eventually, I created a strong wall of “limiting beliefs” .

But I broke it some how last year. I will discuss it thoroughly, demonstrating, some of the bare truth in front of you in my next blog post.

Yes, for the next five days, every day I’ll discuss one point including this one(belief), how it’s holding you back from reaching your success and how you can deal with it easily and effectively  to make your 2016—THE BEST YEAR EVER.

I can actually discuss all these points here in this post, But then, I don’t want you to miss out the real juice, due to that length. So, I decided, that I’m going to discuss one point(reason) each day for the next 5 days ( till 30 December ), before you go for your New year’s celebration. This way, It’ll help you making your 2016 resolutions confidently.

So more about this, tomorrow(26 December 2015)


2. Clarity

Nearly all of us have the difficulties to define ourselves, what we want exactly in life, what to do or achieve to call us successful. Reason, Clarity. Our goals are often blur and so as dreams.

And this is not limited to our career or financial achievements, also physical,  family/relationships and all other aspects of life. Here we will learn, how clarity helps achieving what you want and how to bring it into life.

(Read the complete post on this on 27 December 2015.)


3. Past

I call it this, “your past is the success workbook of the future”, all you need to do is to “fill in the blank, replacing the previous mistakes with the present master pieces, to get the right result.

Most of us don’t know, what and how to learn from the past, if they do, they don’t know how to use it for future success.

That’s what, we’ll be discussing here in, on (28 December 2015), Stay tuned.


4. Public

What do you think, why I’m sharing this on FaceBook. You right, I’m simply making it public to be accountable. When you make your resolution public, you actually fire your pants.

More on this, on 29 December 2015. Read, how making your resolution public, helps you achieving.


5. Action

We all know, to achieve what we want, needs action. And we all take actions towards our goal, but still, only a few could reach. Why? because for a number of reasons, Either,

  • they don’t know, how to design their goals and align the actions towards.
  • they lost the momentum: crush under the middle of the process and don’t know, how to perceive it through to the end
  • And many more such…

We’ll discuss each one with their characteristics, and how to deal with them, making 2016 — your best year ever.

This will be your most important and last point to be discussed, on 30 December 2015. Make sure, you read all and use it to your best.

See you tomorrow..

Merry Christmas..

Your Voice is Your Personality, Your Identity — How to Find it ?

You might have gone through a phase in your live where you search for who you are, and how to express or define yourself. you experimented with different styles, different thoughts and philosophies, different clothes and hairstyles and ways of showing who you are.

Eventually, you search finding new and different ways to learn how to express yourself to others that’s form connections and to be yourself, all at the same time. This search paid off really well in some occasions.

It’s really doesn’t matter, who you are or want to become, you have to have a voice of your own to distinguish yourself in this crowded world.

Be you a writer, actor, photographer, engineer, entrepreneur, shopkeeper or anyone else, you must go through the same search — learning who you are as what you do and how to express that to others in the process of finding your voice.

Why Voice Important?
Actually, it means a lot: you with a unique voice stands out among all in your field. Your voice is what connect you with people in much meaningful way. People feel they know you as what you do/are, they trust you, they admire you and they love you.

When you express yourself as a unique voice, it attracts voices of others in the same or similar patterns. People likely to connect with the voice that matches theirs. It’s a natural phenomena.

What is Voice?
it’s some time difficult to define, because it’s consists of language, tone, style of expression, and most importantly these are all perceived differently by each one you express/communicate. Your voice is your personality as what you are/do. Think of your friends and loved ones and their different personalities: each one has a set of traits that makes him unique, that makes him fun to talk to and that identifies him as a different person(not counting their physical traits here). What makes your best friend different to talk to than your other friends.

Your Different Voices
We all are actors of different personalities in different situations. You might be,

  • A more formal and serious person when interviewing for a job or communicating business.
  • A child while talking to your mother
  • A looser when talking to a old friend
  • A commander when talking to your son/younger.

It’s true, we have different voices for different people or situations. Finding your voice is a matter of finding the right pitch that matches both your audience(to whom you’re expressing to) and yourself.

How to Find Your Voice ?
If you don’t know, who you are, or you’ve yet to find your voice, here are the things you can do to discover.

  1. Make a list of the things that express who you are, and what you want to say to others.
  2. Write and talk things you’re passionate about, and let those evolve within.
  3. Think about feelings, honesty— what you think makes you really comfort to communicate.
  4. Imagine of things that you’re more comfortable to talk to one of your old friends.
  5. Think about the humour — what are the jokes and metaphors you love to talk about and why?
  6. Grab a paper and pen, start writing anything you want without bothering what and why you write this, write fast, at least 200 words, I would suggest to write as much as you can, write randomly. Don’t stop until you run out of words/thoughts.
  7. Mimic different people, their persona, style of expression, and try to find whom you think you more resemble to and why.
  8. Try writing like a kid, literally writing anything, funny, stupid…
  9. Write or talk about things you know well, and explain it to someone who doesn’t know about it well.
  10. Read your writing aloud — see if it’s sounds like you might say.

Hope it will help you finding your voice, if it does, do let me know, which one you found best and why? Email me –
You can connect with me

You Want To Know, What Made Me Cry Today And Why ?


Am I crazy to cry on  the “Death of My Son’s Doctor”, I mean why would I ?

I just got word today morning that our paediatrician Dr.(Mrs.) S. Sharma died six months back.

We have been trying her number since couple of weeks to get an appointment, but didn’t get through. So today finally I went to her residence cum clinic to get an appointment for sometime in the evening. But…..

We actually last saw her over an year back, I remember, there were a construction going on at her residence and we redirected to some  other address on the same locality.

She was old, no doubt, But why I’m crying for her.

Who was she ?

And why I’m regretting today, if I could saw her once in recent days before her death?

Why I’m so emotional today?

Wasn’t she just a doctor to my son?

Or, Is it really hard to find another paediatrician in Delhi? No…

Then why, why I’m taking so much pain to remembering her, writing this?

Ever happened with you?

Have you ever cry on the death of your family doctor or someone in the similar profession, whom you take the professional services from. Never, I never ever cried for someone such.

I din’t even cry on the death of many of our relatives, then why for her.

Am I kind of over emotional today? I guess I’m not.

I still remember when we first saw her with a reference of one of my friend’s sister. The consultation fee was well written next to her door. On our turn, when I asked, how much? What can you pay comfortably? Rather, what you think you should be paying for my service you just experienced? she replied.

I smiled, she said, yes my fee is what my patient thinks should be and more over what they can pay comfortably at that point of time.

Not only that, she had a clear criteria of seeing as less as patient she can in a day to ensure best consultation every time to everyone. We sometime really had to show our patience, waiting for our turn. And we never feel bad about it, because that’s how she ensure her time and attention to every child visiting her.

Where you might feel bore to visiting a doctor and waiting long for your turn, but it’s just opposite in our case, we rather excited to visit her and really enjoy our waiting. It’s an amazing feeling meeting her every time. We never felt that we are meeting a doctor, it’s like meeting a close family friend cum advisor, we love and admire most.

If you think that she was doing any charity, you’re wrong. She was one of the most successful and renowned paediatrician in Delhi, served many big institutions like AIIMS in bigger positions. Her husband was one of the most demanding neurosurgeon of india in his time. Her son, daughter, daughter in law and son in law, all are well known doctors.

She reminds me today that you can be a good doctor, but being a doctor that your patient would cry when you die… is your purpose being who you are.

You can be very good at what you do, who you are or want to become, but being different that the world would remember, is your way to living purposeful, living in hearts forever.

I’ll always remember her for her humanity, politeness, for being so caring, for being someone we could always expect some of the best and valuable advice on life and health, for being such a good person.

Really.. I’ve rarely known any doctor as good at heart as her, and I’ll miss the mental peace she gave us all through.

I’ll miss you, Dr. (Mrs.) Sharma

Everything You Know About Success Is Wrong

You think you know what success looks like, because society tells us over and over, the importance of money, power and fame. And you judge other’s success, by their income and impression, what they have, whom they know, where they hangout.

Have you ever asked someone, whom you think success.


I recently met someone in one of my friends party. The only “Porsche”  parked outside the party lawn was Sanjay’s (yes, his name).

The most successful guy among all out there. I heard about him many times before. It’s like an honour to have him there, everyone was so excited.

He is not like others, he is a nice guy, not because, he has huge, but he is simple and sober.

As the party mid, I curved him out for a private chat. So, you’re the most successful person here today, I asked. No no , who said, money is fine, but success.. I’ve yet to find, he replied.


There is nothing wrong with such outcomes, money, power and fame. But what wrong is, these people don’t mean as much as you think.

Have you ever felt a bit empty or unfulfilled after getting some huge monetary benefits or winning a big award. You understand what I mean.

The day I started writing my book “ Love X Marry Y ”, there is one thing that’s always been the centre, the illusion of success, majority follows. And there I tried to help people to come out of “ The Wrong Success ” and “Join the New success”.

One of my quotes, I admire most on this context :

“ Success Has No Definition, You’ve To Write Your Own ”


Define your success now, then dare to pursue a career that lets you achieve it. It’s totally fine, if you have to save deers in Jim Corbett or helping a startup book their domain.  

Everyone in that party invoke Sanjay as their ideal success except Sanjay himself.

If you live your life trying to achieve someone else’s definition of success , you may never find your own, no matter how high you go, what you achieve and who you become. 

I’ve to repeat,

“ Success Has No Definition, You’ve To Write Your Own ”

– Avinash Sahoo

My Letter to an 18-year on Career Path

Today I’m writing a letter to an 18-year-old who is finishing school wrote to me, asking for advice on choosing a right career path.


He said,

I don’t have enough life experience to make an intelligent decision. Most of my friends are taking the safe route. I don’t want to be the typical everyday-joe at the work from 10-6. I want to be different from the masses, I want to make an impact on the society, I want to be purposeful and fulfilled. Should I take the road less travelled, how to step into the world of adulthood?

Here are two things that comes to my mind instantly. 

First, it’s such a great question. And Second, that he’s asking this at the first place, where the most 18-year-olds just take the safe route. 


I said :

Yes take the career path less travelled. If you don’t want to be a 10-6 machine, don’t walk the way that everyone else do. If you want to be unique, you have to do what everyone thinks risky and fearful. You don’t have to choose the same course that all your friends do. 

I took the safe path when I was 18, went to college and took a job. I thought I’m doing some of the great stuffs of my life. Result, it took me nearly another 18 years before I finally found what I want in life, what I love to do. It was an absolute struggle, being on the road that’s well travelled, because I was consigned to a career(s) I didn’t like.

You right, sometime the career path less travelled is scarier. Seems risky, lonely too. But it’s all temporary. Soon you’ll find others walking the same road doing different things, You’ll be inspired by them, and inspire them, all at the same time.


I wrote a quote sometime back says- 

“If you’re over preparing to avoid mistakes in a journey, then you’re probably preparing to avoid learnings and excitements” 


And the scariness is a lesson worth learning- If you can overcome a bit of fear you can do anything. Anyway, You’re not limited to the world of comfort and safety.

It’s totally up to you, what do you do on this scary, lonely, exciting path. 


But here are some ideas:

  • First thing first, learn about who you are, what you want and why you want. The best answer is you. Go for a Self-Assessment through meditation. Listen you inner self. That’s the best way to learn about you. Don’t worry, you can’t make fool to yourself.
  • Learn more to live more. Make learning a regular part of your life. It’s a diet to your career. You blessed by the internet, today you can learn anything you want, from singing to writing, programming to personal development, car designing to carpeting, literally anything. 
  • Connect with people who love what you love, who make their own path. It’s fantastic to hang out with. You will get something new every time.
  • Learn to motivate yourself by doing what you love, or go and get a job where someone motivates you. If you do your own, there is good chance you solve your problems yourself, because you will have to find out how to solve it.
  • Figure out what you’re passionate about and why. It’s not easy, because it takes a lot of trial and error. You’re likely to suck at everything at first. But it’s important you do it right, instead falling into  a trap. Give yourself enough time to know about self, don’t make it hurry. You may also refer to my book Love X Marry Y( publishing soon) for an easy and effective way to achieve it. 
  • Less is more. Learn to little. If you need little or target less, you don’t have to do much. This frees you to learn and explore more at your love. 
  • You may have the dream of exploring the world. So do that by travelling cheaper than you think. You can certainly achieve that by learning to need little. Meet new people.
  • Read more than you talk in a day. That’s one of the best practice you could do. Look at others and open to ideas that would help you to find your own.
  • Work on projects that excites you. It’s perfectly all right you work odd jobs too. It’s amazing to have new and different experience sometime. 
  • Get really good at something. Practice more. 
  • While learning from others, teach something valuable. If you know something really good, teach a beginner. People will thank you for your help, and it’s a great feeling too. 
  • Don’t shy to ask for a little, if you think you should be paid. But don’t charge a lot. Be more deliverable on time. Be trustworthy and your reputation will grow.
  • Learn to be a good person, show up on time. Try your best to meet deadlines. Be honest. Learn compassion. Keep your word. 

If you do half of these, you’ll love your path. If you do all of these, your impact on the society will be substantial. 

And don’t forget to write to me as you travel this path for 6months or more. Write me, if I can help you elsewhere.

With love,